Internet Address Logjam Could Be Eased

A proposal could free up “hundreds of millions” of internet addresses, buying a little more time in the move to IPv6. Seth Schoen (pictured) points to four types of address that are reserved for special purposes that may no longer be needed. IPv4 uses 32-bit addresses, which allow for four billion possibilities. Just like counting […]

Passwordless Sign-In Getting Easier

Apple, Google and Microsoft have agreed a joint program to boost passwordless sign-ins. They’ll give greater support to the FIDO Alliance standard. The idea is to almost completely remove the need to use any passwords, sidestepping the trade-off between security and convenience. At the moment FIDO often requires users to type in a password the […]

Google To Label “Great” Chrome Extensions

A new Google badge system aims to make it easier to find high quality Chrome extensions. The Chrome Web Store will now indicate which extensions and developers meet a “high standard.” The badges aren’t meant to be a guarantee of a useful, quality extension, but rather an indication that they follow Chrome’s best practices. It […]

Cheaper Netflix Could Include Ads

Netflix may introduce a low-price tier that includes ads following a surprise drop in subscribers. It’s also talking again about restricting password sharing. In the first three months of 2022, Netflix had a net loss of 200,000 subscribers on the previous quarter, the first such drop of any significance in its history. That’s misleading to […]

Rejecting Cookies May Get Easier

The choice between blindly accepting cookies and going through complex settings menus could soon be over. At least that’s what researchers at the University of Wisconsin say. They’ve developed an automated tool that aims to reject all non-essential cookies when you first visit a site. In principle, such a tool should be totally unnecessary. The […]