Passwordless Sign-In Getting Easier

Apple, Google and Microsoft have agreed a joint program to boost passwordless sign-ins. They’ll give greater support to the FIDO Alliance standard. The idea is to almost completely remove the need to use any passwords, sidestepping the trade-off between security and convenience. At the moment FIDO often requires users to type in a password the […]

When Today Was Tomorrow’s World (2020 Imagined in the Early 90s)

Two archive videos show that what is today a mundane reality was once a fantastical future… though not everything worked out as planned. The clips come from BBC show Tomorrow’s World, which featured a combination of the latest technology available at the time and the ideas in the works. The first, from 1989, imagined what […]

Plex Free TV and Movie Platform Adds Universal Streaming Search

Plex has launched a “universal search” tool for online streaming services and other video sources. It’s hardly a new idea, but works smoothly in the service’s various apps. “Discover” is a beta feature available to all users on an opt-in basis at this stage. During a quick setup, you can select which apps and services […]