Back up files to email with just one right-click

By Mark O’Neill These days, with 6GB+ Gmail accounts and unlimited Yahoo accounts, email addresses are being used for more than just email.   Many people email themselves backups of many things including important documents, music, photos, video files and much more.  This way, they are not screwed if the original copy is destroyed or goes missing.  Plus […]

Simple tricks for doing arithmetic in your head

Some of you geeks probably have a slide-rule in your head — there I go dating myself again (and we all know that dating yourself isn’t sexy), I should have said “math processor” or “calculator”.  Anyway, I am personally much better than average at math, but I still can’t do some of the bigger problems in my […]

Turn your IM client into a domain checking tool

By Mark O’Neill I’ve previously posted about Imified but I have recently noticed a new tool of theirs that you can add to your IM client. It quickly becomes very useful if you are a heavy IM user and you also do a lot of domain checking. Once you have added Imified to your IM […]

Integrating Skype into Pidgin

After a long time obsessing over Google Talk, I am now slowly turning my attention to Pidgin. I was inspired to take a closer look at Pidgin after an excellent tutorial on Lifehacker and so now I am experimenting with my Google Talk contacts on the Pidgin platform to see how it goes. But I […]

Doing a clean re-install of Mozilla Firefox

Today, my Firefox died on me. I don’t exactly know the exact cause of death (an initial autopsy proved inconclusive) but for some reason it refused to do whatever I told it to do. It refused to download anything, refused to load images and the menus had a long hard think whether to open up […]

Express your love geek-style

By Mark O’Neill Only six days to go until Valentine’s Day so you need to start thinking now about how to best express your feelings to the love of your life (unless the love of your life consists of a computer!). As a public service to our geeks, Geeks Are Sexy will now help you […]

Quickly re-name your files with Mess Rename

By reading the title of this post, most of you probably thought “Why the hell is he posting about that, does he think we’re idiots who can’t rename a file?”, and normally, you would be right to think this. But when I stumbled on this utility, I knew everyone would love it, especially those of […]

Improve your Wikipedia experience with Inline Article Viewer

By Mark O’Neill Despite my criticisms of Wikipedia in the past, I still generally find the site an invaluable source of information and as a result, I link to Wikipedia pages all the time.    But sometimes the problem can be that there are too many links to click on.   Some of the links are […]