Cell Phone Spying: Is Your Life Being Monitored?

It connects you to the world, but your cell phone could also be giving anyone from your boss to your wife a window into your every move.  The same technology that lets you stay in touch on-the-go can now let others tap into your private world — without you ever even suspecting something is awry.

Build a Whole New Identity to Protect Yourself Online

By Mark O’Neill No, the title of this article is not the way it sounds.   I’m not advocating anything illegal.   I’m not offering any fake passports or dodgy driving licenses.   But instead, when you’re filling in another one of those endless web forms asking for your contact information, instead of giving them your actual details, […]

How to Use Macros to Simplify Your Life

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] Here’s an offer too good to refuse: Take every tedious, repetitive task that wastes your time…and automate it. The cost? Two minutes to read this article, and maybe five more to do what it says. Interested? Read on. What we’re about to do will save you precious time and […]

HOW TO: Fix the Web With Greasemonkey

Here’s a great 3 minute video tutorial on how Greasemonkey, a Firefox extension what lets you run user scripts on almost any html page you want, can help you fix sites that really annoy you, such as myspace.

The Geek’s Ultimate Guide to Picking Up Girls

Unless you’ve been living under a virtual rock, you’ve heard the meme bouncing around the Internet about how girls love Geeks. We published the 12 Reasons a Geek Will Steal Your Girlfriend in 2008 last month, but wanted to put something together for the geeks out there who may be feeling left out, or who […]

Drift off to sleep with Ambient Skype

By Mark O’Neill When the cost of bandwidth is virtually next to nothing these days, couples who find themselves apart are using Skype to recreate that “at home” feeling. It even has a name – Ambient Skype. Basically you leave the app constantly running on your computer as background noise. Since Skype-to-Skype calls are free, […]

Vinyl: Plays music, holds it

I don’t know about you guys, but my DVD’s are lying in a pile on my floor mixed in with laundry and magazines. I guess if you’re the type that likes to keep your precious optical media nice and tidy, this retro DVD holder should do the trick. It is made out of records so […]

How to prevent docs with hidden data from leaving your outbox

By Patrick Biz Contributing Writer, [GAS] Not only could this be very embarrassing, it could also hurt your reputation and even expose you to legal actions. Before exchanging documents with tracked changes, you should always make sure the final copy is sanitized and cleared of any sort of hidden data. Take your data security and […]