When all that’s left is to re-boot your day

By Mark O’Neill Today has been a particularly rotten day. I sometimes have these kinds of days in which nothing ever goes right and everyone irritates me. Clients make unreasonable demands, I drop everything I hold, I am constantly banging into walls, poking myself in the eye… I’m sure you have these days yourself. The […]

Five tips to nailing down that speech or audio presentation

By Mark O’Neill If you ever hear anyone tell you that reading and recording audio files is childs play then I can assure you that you are safe in calling them a liar. I’ve contributed 90 minutes of my life recording three audio chapters of War & Peace 3 by Leo Tolstoy for Librivox. The […]

How to: Punch your index finger through a bottle cap

The following video will teach you how to punch through a bottle cap with your index finger, Kung-Fu style. It’s a sure way to impress your friends and family. Enjoy!

Listen to podcasts and other audio files using Gmail

By Mark O’Neill One of the most overlooked features in Gmail, in my opinion, is the built-in MP3 player. It’s a stripped down version of the Google video player and it actually works extremely well. I have started to listen to a lot of podcasts on the net, mainly news and German learning courses, and […]

How to defeat automated phone solicitors

By Ilya Kochanov Contributing Writer, [GAS] If you’ve ever signed up for a credit card or magazine subscription, chances are you now receive unwanted phone calls from annoying automated response systems. As any phone phreak knows, a large portion of the telephone system still functions via tones, such as those you hear after each digit […]

Working in a zen-like paper-free office

By Mark O’Neill Back in 1999, I created a bit of a mini-uprising when I was working for the Scottish Civil Service. We were drowning in paper and so I proposed that the Scottish Executive buy scanners to digitially copy everything onto the computer, and then revert to a paper-free office. Although I had a […]

Geek Lair: 6 Lamps to set the mood

It is customary for the geek lair to contain lots of computers, disassembled electronics, and other gadgets which have long since lived out their usefulness. Although the geek lair –a nerds equivalent to the all powerful bat-cave– is quite interesting to bear witness to, it often lacks worthy lighting which is replaced by boring light […]

Using GTalk and Twitter to update your Google Calendar

By Mark O’Neill Following on from my previous article regarding updating your social networks using Google Talk, I thought I would briefly mention today that you can also update Google Calendar using both Google Talk and Twitter. Once you have everything set up, you can input your calendar entries into your desktop Google Talk and […]