The Dirty Little Secret Of Inkjet Printers

This video was originally uploaded to youtube about 2 years ago, so I was wondering, does current inkjet printers still functionning like that? I’ve stopped using inkjet technology in 2005, and even if ink cartridges dropped price in recent years, toner cartridges for laser printers are still much more cost efficient.

Moonshine Finds New Popularity Among Hobbyist Geeks

When you hear the word moonshine, it probably brings to mind a bygone era of Prohibition-thwarting, bathtub mixing, car chasing yokels, brewing up batches of questionable alcohol. Or Irish songs. But according to writer Michelle Locke, writing for AP and featured on the Mother Nature Network, moonshine is having something of a renaissance as of […]

HOW TO: Finding Royalty-Free Music for YouTube Videos

If you’ve been making videos for YouTube, you’re likely to have noticed that the background music is a thorny issue. Popular music from the RIAA labels and bigger indie labels is usually quickly identified and marked by YouTube. The best case scenario, then, is that YouTube simply “lets you get away with it” and runs […]

How to get Millions of People to Read Your Website

Matthew Inman, the guy behind one of my favorite websites of all time, The Oatmeal, has recently given an awesome Ignite presentation titled “How to Get 5 Million People to Read Your Website.” We’ve created viral content on occasion here on geeks are sexy (such as the teapot blowing phenomenon, which ended up on BBC […]

Censorship victims get a Flickr of hope

Where do you go to get uncensored news stories? Google News? Wikileaks? Well, how about Flickr? Yes, that’s right, the photosharing site could soon be the place to go to read news stories without the detection of hostile governments. A system known as Collage, which will become publicly available on Friday, allows users to hide […]