How to Fold an Origami Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter [Video]

Learn how to make an X-Wing Starfighter from one square sheet of paper! This model is lots of fun to make, easy to fold, and looks way cooler than most other Origami X-wings out there. Learn it and teach it to your friends! (Difficulty level 50%). [How To Origami]

Free eBook: The Apache HTTP Server Cookbook

For today’s free eBook, we offer you The Apache HTTP Server Cookbook! In this eBook, we provide a compilation of Apache HTTP Server tutorials that will help you get started with this web server. We cover a wide range of topics, from installing the server and performing a basic configuration, to configuring Virtual Hosts and […]

Free eBook: Getting Started with the Web by O’Reilly Media

Today’s free eBook is for all you geeks who want to learn more about the web, start a website, and more! Getting Started with the Web Want to build your own website—one that represents you, your cause, or your organization—without outside help? With this free guide, Shelley Powers quickly teaches you the basics: you’ll learn […]

Free eBook: How to Troubleshoot Low RAM or Memory Leaks in Windows

If you’re wondering why your computer is slow and where all your RAM is going, this eGuide is for you! The amount of memory or RAM available on personal computers has increased steadily throughout the past decades. Many factors have pushed an increase in memory usage, and laptops shipping with 8 GB RAM is now […]

Free eBook: 13 Android Tips & Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Today, we have a new free ebook from our friends over at Make Use Of, 13 Android Tips & Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About! Android is a great little operating system. It’s absolutely packed with great features, awesome hacks, and time-saving tricks. But how much do you really know about your phone or tablet? […]

PSA: Deadpool on Breast Cancer Self-Exam [Video]

You might think this is a joke, but it’s not. Deadpool is dead serious when it comes to teaching all you ladies how to perform your breast cancer self-exam. Warning: Illustrated guide on how to perform a breast cancer self-exam. [Superhero Feed]

30 More Life Hacks Debunked [Video]

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John looks at 30 more life hacks! [Mental Floss]

Young Geek Makes Fully Functional Full-Sized BB-8 Droid for Just $120

Watch as 17-year-old Angelo Casimiro builds a full-size BB-8 droid that actually works just like in the movie for just $120 using common household materials and an Arduino Uno microcontroller board! It might cost you a little if you buy everything you need without reusing materials you have at home, but considering how cool this […]

PSA: Deadpool on Testicular Cancer Checks [Video]

Don’t forget, geeks, do it once a month after getting out of the bath or shower. Gotta love Deadpool. [Superhero Feed]

FREE EBooks: The Ultimate Raspberry Pi eBook Bundle, Arduino Home Automation Projects and MORE!!!

Just a quick post to let you guys know about these free eBooks that we currently offer in partnership with tradepub. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in there, so be sure to check ’em all out! -FREE: The Ultimate Raspberry Pi eBook Bundle (Over $90 Value) -FREE: Arduino Home Automation Projects (A $9.99 Value) […]

How to Knit the Fourth Doctor’s Scarf

Apparently, the document you see above is the official guide from the BBC on how to knit the Fourth Doctor’s iconic scarf. I just hope my sonic screwdriver can handle the job for me, I’m kind of useless with a pair of knitting needles. [Via Neatorama]

10 Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts You Aren’t Using [Video]

Save time and be more productive with these Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows! 1. Quickly Minimize to Desktop 2. Reopen a closed tab in your web browser 3. Paste text without formatting 4. Quickly SNAP windows to the side 5. Instant Screenshot to a file 6. Quickly Lock your PC 7. Copy a file […]