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Gliding, not searching: Here’s how to reset your view of ChatGPT to steer it to better results

Thinking of ChatGPT as a glider you pilot can help you use it more effectively. Colin Anderson Productions pty ltd/DigitalVision via Getty Images James Intriligator, Tufts University ChatGPT has exploded in popularity, and people are using it to write articles and essays, generate marketing copy and computer code, or simply as a learning or research […]

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Voice deepfakes are calling – here’s what they are and how to avoid getting scammed

Cloning someone’s voice is easier than ever. D-Keine/iStock via Getty Images Matthew Wright, Rochester Institute of Technology and Christopher Schwartz, Rochester Institute of Technology You have just returned home after a long day at work and are about to sit down for dinner when suddenly your phone starts buzzing. On the other end is a […]

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