Take it away, Robot-Arm DJ!

Designer and programmer Daito Manabe, gives us hope that our new robot overlords will still be able to throw down the beats.

Freeloading kids get their just desserts, high-tech style

A high-tech vending machine has been launched to prevent children from getting a jelly desert. But sadly the technology isn’t yet developed enough to actually work when age limits really count. The iSample machine, created by Intel for Kraft, is being used to distribute free samples of a new jelly product. There isn’t any legal […]

New Self-Healing Chip Technology

The days of electronic chips becoming useless when they develop a small fault could be numbered. Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a system that could allow chips to self-heal physical damage. While integrated chips are a great space-saver and ideal for portable electronic devices, they currently have an inherent problem: if one […]

Computer Algorithm Plays Jukebox Jury

Even the likes of Simon Cowell would admit there’s no way to predict a surefire hit, but researchers in the UK believe they’ve found a formula that gives a pretty good insight. The research comes from the University of Bristol’s Intelligent Systems Algorithm and was as much about a computer’s ability to learn as it […]

Cars of the Future are Closer Than You Think

Mitsubishi unveiled the EMIRAI at Tokyo Motor Show last week. This concept car’s sleek design is one step away from flying! [via DigInfo]

Safety agency calls for total driver cellphone ban

A federal agency has urged state legislatures to introduce a flat-out ban on any cellphone use by drivers, except in genuine emergencies. Previous proposals at both state and federal level have varied in scope, with some states banning texting or handheld use of phones by drivers. Now the National Transportation Safety Board is going a […]

Next-gen GPS ready for testing

The first prototype of a new generation of GPS satellites has arrived for testing at Lockheed Martin in Colorado. It’s designed to increase accuracy, even in unfavorable conditions, as well as expanding the range of satellites available for consumer use. The satellite will be part of the Block III system, which will increase location accuracy […]

Cops Hope Rioters See the Light [Pew Pew Pew]

A British police force is planning to trial a laser gun that would temporarily blind large groups of people. The £25,000 (US$40,000) device, the SMU 100, emits a three-meter square “wall” of light. It’s not designed to cause damage to eyesight, but is painful to look at. Manufacturers Photonic Security Systems liken it to the […]

MorpHex: A hexapod robot that can transform into a sphere shape and back [Video]

A hexapod robot that can transform into a sphere shape and back. Still under construction… Featuring 25 servos. 12x 5990, 13x 5645 Hitec servos, Basicmicro ARC-32 board, XBee, 2S 5000mAh LiPo, Turnigy 8amp regulator. Thanks Erik!

Chemical “Carving” Reaches Nano-Scale

A Spanish research facility has shown off a technique for “carving” nanoparticles into complex shapes. It could have practical uses in both medical testing and drug delivery. A nanoparticle is a self-contained object that has at least one dimension smaller than 100 nanometers: that is, a stack of 10,000 would be just one millimeter wide. […]

Impressive: Projection Mapping on the Manhattan Bridge [Video]

Holy crap that was impressive… With equipment and technical support sponsored by Senovva, Inc., we set out to create a one of a kind public art experience, a projection mapping installation for multiple surfaces and multiple dimensions. Unfolding like an animated modern Botticelli painting, flowing above our heads and spreading outwards in every direction, “As […]

This Amorphous Crawling Robot Will Freak You Out [Video]

Harvard researchers have inspired themselves from various animals such as starfish and worms to create what can only be defined as one of the creepiest robot we’ve ever seen. This particular robot (which comes from George M. Whitesides’ lab at Harvard) distinguishes itself by being capable of several unique gait styles including walking, crawling, and […]