RadioShack Launches Cellphone Service

Leaked screenshots suggest RadioShack is planning to launch its own cellphone service. It appears it will share connectivity with Cricket Wireless, which in turn uses some Sprint services. The RadioShack deal will be without a contract, meaning customers will get little if any subsidy on handset prices. Customers will have a monthly rate for service […]

Awesome House Alert

It rises out of the ground like some futuristic house from Eureka (and maintains a moderate temperature year-round when underground making it very energy efficient). The living quarters can be (manually) rotated through 180 degrees. It has a pool on the lower floor. Yeah, this is what a bachelor pad is meant to be like. 73-year-old Czech […]

Charge Your Phone as You Pedal

This BikeCharge Dynamo thing looks pretty cool, but I wonder if the wire that comes with the iPhone is long enough? Are Android mobile cords long enough for this? Features: Fits any spoked wheel. Charges any USB powered device. All-in-one design with bike light and power generator integrated in a stylish body. 3W 5.0V DC output. […]

QR Codes Under Threat From New Tech

Korean researchers say they’ve found a way to produce an alternative to QR codes that takes up less space, carries far more data, yet costs very little. The solution involves a rectenna, which takes its name from ‘rectifying antenna’ rather than rectangular. It’s effectively a tiny AC/DC converter that works with microwave energy. The idea […]

Samsung Galaxy Note II screen may be “unbreakable”

The successor to the Galaxy Note (first edition pictured) will have a flexible display, but sadly this doesn’t mean it will roll up and fit in your pocket. Instead it will mean the screen is either unbreakable (if you’re a marketer) or nearly unbreakable (if you’re a lawyer.) The Note II will have a 5.5 […]

Wolves r going 2 eat me, LOL

A Swiss biologist is developing a system that will alert shepherds via text message when their sheep are under threat from wolves. Eventually the system could actively deter the wolves from attacking. The work is designed to tackle a significant problem with sheep either perishing in a wolf attack, or simply being do frightened that […]

A Machine Inside a Wine Glass

A beautiful solar-powered machine running inside a wine glass. The creator has many other similar machines, which you can all check out on his website. [Source | Via OhGizmo]

Top 10 Ways to Make Cities Greener

So geeks, apart from what’s listed in the infographic, what other technologies can you think of that should improve our cities in the near future? Let us know in the comments section below! Source: Best Sociology Programs

Discovered: Coleco Adam

So in Ontario Canada, we have a Recycling Program where local businesses who support the program serve as a drop off point where you can discard your used electronics and have them transferred free of charge to proper recycling centers. Now at a local store, I was handy when THIS was brought in. A Coleco […]

Tropical Island to Host Hackathon

We often hear about how the beauty of computer-based jobs is that you can work anywhere. A new project aims to take advantage of that theory by taking 12 programmers to a hackathon on a mystery tropical island. Come Hack With Us is being run by Walter Heck, who previously worked on a programming project. […]

OMG REVOLUTIONARY: That Cloud Thing Everyone Is Talking About [Parody]

Note: Please don’t get too excited over this video, this is a parody. :) Talk about the cloud, throw in a few key tech buzzwords in there, and BANG, you’ve got an instant recipe for success on your hands. Don’t you just love The Onion? :) [The Onion]

Print Your Own Medications [Science!]

The 3D printing innovations continue to pour in, the latest being from Professor Lee Cronin, involving a do-it-at-home medication printing machine. It’s not quite the same 3D printing technology that we have now become used to seeing, since those create relatively large objects compared to the scale of organic chemistry. There are also a whole […]