Ill-fitting Suit Puts Years on You

If you’ve had a rough day or your joints are creaking a little, you might describe yourself as feeling old. But now a special suit designed by German scientists allows you to literally have that experience. The “Age Man Suit” (also known as the Age Explorer) is a specially designed combination of boiler suit and […]

50 years ago today: Telstar pioneers satellite broadcasting

We often talk of technology “making the world smaller”, and that concept was most vividly demonstrated 50 years ago today. The launch of the original Telstar satellite on 10 July 1962 was a true communications breakthrough, allowing for television, phone, and even fax transmissions to be beamed around the world via space rather than through […]

Festival Wristbands Getting High-Tech

A British music festival has become the first in the country to exclusively use RFID chips in place of paper tickets. It’s an idea that has major technical advantages, but has been slow to spread outside the US and the cost implications are still questionable. At most music festivals, attendees are issued with a paper […]

I, For One, Welcome Our New Quadrotor Overlords [Video]

A troupe of 16 quadrotors (flying robots) dance to and manipulate sound and light at the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase 2012. [Via]

One step forwards, two steps back for Apple lawyers

Apple’s recent injunction against Samsung was a big (if potentially costly) victory, but the company has now had two patent claims thrown out in the space of a couple of weeks. A British court today rejected a claim against HTC which, as with a claim against Google that was recently laughed out of court by […]

Google’s Project Glass Moving Forward

At Google’s I/O conference the giant company offered developers the chance to be the first to get their hands on the revolutionary Project Glass augmented reality devices in a Glass Explorer edition. The glasses are pretty incredible tech with some really intriguing possibilities, changing the way we share our personal experiences. From creating more realistic […]

Emotion Reading Glasses

The emotionally impaired might get a bit excited by this incredible development in diagnostic equipment. Sunglasses, called O2Amp, which are designed to pick up subtle biological clues about a patient’s current feelings, are being trialed by doctors at two hospitals in the assistance of medical assessment. The glasses work by detecting, and amplifying into colour, […]

Spitfire Engine Rebuild Stop Motion Video

I am not a gearhead or whatever clever title equates to people who like cars, I am, however, incredibly fascinated with the way things work. I build my own computers, I am obsessed with Legos, and I am very decent at home renovations. Strangely I still stick my head under the hood when something goes […]

100 Worthwhile DOS Games of the 90s [Pic]

While surfing Reddit I found this image that depicts 100 of the best DOS games of the 90s and it makes me want acquire many of them to relive the nostalgia of my early PC gaming days. Here is the poster, but you will have to click on it to see the full res version. […]

Webcam: A Short Film About The Dangers of Webcam Hacking [Video]

Warning: Do not watch this at work, and while there is nothing inappropriate with the video, some scenes could attract unwanted attention if someone sees you watching this. “Webcam” is based on actual events and was shot entirely on a computer’s webcam. The filmmakers hope that it will make people think more about the technology […]

Spray-on batteries could change device design

We’ve done a great job of producing batteries in ever decreasing sizes, but one limitation is that they still remain fixed shapes: largely cylinders with the occasional disc or rectangular block. That in turn places restrictions on the design of battery-powered devices. Now a new technique could mean flat or even curved batteries that fit […]

Farewell Minitel, France’s forerunner to the web

This weekend, France will close Minitel, a service that has allowed people to access information on computers at home since long before the World Wide Web. The service was the most successful example of videotex, which uses dial-up modems to send information to and from a monitor or television screen. Minitel was launched in 1982 […]