Google Offering Doctor Video Chats To Symptom Searchers

It’s no secret plenty of us with health concerns check symptoms by typing them into Google long before we go to see the doctor. Now Google may remove that time gap altogether. The company has confirmed it is testing a feature that will offer to connect people searching for health related terms to speak to […]


Cops Complain Criminals Wiping Seized Phones

Five British police forces have confirmed that phones and tablets seized as evidence have been remotely wiped while in their custody. Responding to enquiries by the BBC, Cambridgeshire, Derbyshire, Durham and Nottingham police all reported one wiping incident, while Dorset said it had suffered six such incidents in the space of a year. A sixth […]

Blue LED Creators Get Nobel Prize in Physics

The men who first created blue LEDs have won the Nobel Prize for physics. The blue light was necessary for more energy-efficient bulbs and displays. Although working LEDs have been around for more than 50 years, not all colors became available at the same time. That’s because LEDs work by a semiconductor material glowing a […]

Microsoft Sets Sights On Polling Firms

Microsoft is using the wisdom of crowds theory to run a prediction service. It may use the technology to turn its Siri-alternative into an opinion pollster. After some previous trials, Microsoft has now launched the Microsoft Prediction Lab. It’s similar to an opinion poll or survey but rather than ask people what they want to […]

Movie Camera Drones Get FAA Go-Ahead

The Federal Aviation Administration has given permission to six TV movie production firms to use drones for filming. It’s an exemption to a general US ban on commercial use of drones and could pave the way for other uses. The exemptions mean the production companies won’t have to follow the same extensive set of rules […]

New Jet Pack Gives Instantaneous Thrust to Runners [Video]

From ASU Research: What if every soldier could run a four-minute mile? That’s the goal behind 4MM, or 4 Minute Mile, a student project to create a wearable jetpack that enhances speed and agility. Working with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and a faculty mentor, Jason Kerestes is the mastermind behind 4MM. He built […]

Arthur C. Clarke: One day, a computer will fit on a desk (1974) [Video]

Watch as Arthur C. Clarke accurately predicts the future of computers and of the Internet in a video that dates back to 1974. The man truly was a visionary. [ABC News (Australia) | Via Blastr]

TiVo Mega Box Offers 4,000 Hours HD Recording

TiVo is releasing a model with 24TB of storage, enough to record between 4,000 and 26,000 hours of TV. At $5,000, it’s clearly going be a niche product. In effect, the TiVo Mega is an ordinary TiVo but instead of an ordinary hard drive it has a rack-mountable 24 terabyte Raid 5 HDD setup. The […]