Netflix Downloads Can Go To SD Cards

Netflix downloads on Android can now be stored on SD cards. There’ll be a couple of big restrictions however.

Downloading from the Netflix app launched last month but was originally restricted to the device’s on-board storage. While that wasn’t much of a problem for iOS gadgets, it was bad news for those Android owners who bought a device with a small on-board storage and instead keep most of their data on a memory card.

The latest update to the app will give users the choice of where to save the file. It’s not tied to a particular card, so it’s perfectly possible to fill up a batch of cards before going on a long trip without Internet access (or to avoid cellular data caps and costs.)

However, the downloaded file is tagged such that it will only play back on the device you used to download it, so you can’t pass it around. There’ll also be a time limit before the video no longer plays (which will depend on the video content in question) and naturally you won’t be able to play back files if your Netflix subscription has ended.

Netflix has also said that “there are limits to how many simultaneous downloads a member can download at one time.”

Here’s how you can do it:

-Select the “Three-line” menu on the top left of the Netflix app.
-Select “App Settings”
-Select “Download Location”
-Select “SD Card”

After doing these steps, all downloaded content should be saved to your SD card!

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