3D Printing Breaks into the Medical Field

Photo Credit: organprinter So we’ve all definitely heard the hype surrounding the 3D printing technology. Yes, it’s been around for a while, but it’s now taking off like a whirlwind – with everything from 3D remote control aeroplanes to opening a whole new range of sculptural artistry – and it seems like the Star Trek […]

Researcher Creates Fully Operational Plane Using 3D Printer [Video]

Using only a 3D printer, researcher Jim Scanlan from the University of Southampton has created a fully functional plane. Even moving parts were created using the printer, all in one go. [Via]

Pack Your Bags Aussie Tech Nerds: A Place to Crash in San Fran!

A team from StartUpBus: one of Elias Bizannes’ other start-up initiatives. Photo credit: Eoin McMillan. A couple of entrepreneur Aussies (and a Kiwi!) are tired of having their tech start-up friends, with bright, puppy-dog eyes crashing on their couches week after week. They needed somewhere to direct their tides of friends so they could actually sit […]

WTF – Introducing Kissenger: The Kiss Transmission Robot [Video]

Just in time for Valentine’s day, here comes the Kissenger: a robot that can transmit kiss over the Internet. Check it out: Now that is what I call technology gone horribly wrong. It consists a pair of robots to transmit kiss over distance in real-time. Kissenger provides a novel way of transferring a kiss through […]

Creative Introduces SoundBlaster Recon3D

When it comes to building a gaming PC, I find the most overlooked feature is the Sound Card. On-board sound cards that come with higher end gaming capable motherboards are often more than good enough to feed a nice signal to your speakers. But leave it to the people at Creative Labs to once again […]

One Day, Nano Quadrotor Swarms Will Hunt and Kill Us All [Video]

Experiments performed with a team of nano quadrotors at the GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania. Vehicles developed by KMel Robotics. [Via GTDW]

3D Piracy Takes a New Twist

Filesharing as we know it involves transferring 0s and 1s that usually turn into pixels and electronic sounds. But if The Pirate Bay’s latest idea takes off, filesharing — and digital piracy — will get a whole lot more physical. In what appears to be as much as a publicity stunt as a serious feature, […]

AT&T Archives: Jim Henson’s Old School Robot Explains Data Communications in 1963 [Video]

Jim Henson made this film in 1963 for The Bell System. Specifically, it was made for an elite seminar given for business owners, on the then-brand-new topic — Data Communications. The seminar itself involved a lot of films and multimedia presentations, and took place in Chicago. A lengthy description of the planning of the Bell […]

SOMEBODY KILL IT WITH FIRE: Animatronic Robotic Baby will Creep You Out

Youtuber Kitanimboy, who has already made a few robotic children for various ad campaigns and TV shows, recently unveiled this creeptastic animatronic baby for an “anonymous Soap opera.” [Kitanimboy]

Life’s a Sport, Make it Count: Introducing the Nike+ FuelBand [Video]

No, I did not get paid to post this, but as a geek who regularly work out, I know I want one of those incredibly cool-looking wristbands. Unfortunately, they’re currently sold out for now. The ergonomic NIKE+ FuelBand captures and displays four different metrics: time, calories, steps and NikeFuel – a new metric that will […]

Transparent Touchscreen Window! [Video]

There is a touchscreen window coming out from Samsung that has one way glass, upon which you can check your email, surf websites, or even close virtual blinds.  This is by far the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile. [Via Geekologie]

IBM takes atomic approach to hard drive

There are 12 inches in a foot. There are 12 months in a year. And thanks to IBM, there are 12 atoms in a bit. The company says it’s found a way of dramatically decreasing the space it takes to store computer data, raising the possibility of huge increases in storage capacity and utterly shattering […]