Put Realistic Objects Into Your Life with New Software

Ever wanted to put a million dollar statue on your front lawn to impress your girlfriend’s parents? Well now you can! At least in the photos you send them of your not so swank duplex. Here are some examples of a new photo editing software to be demoed at SIGGRAPH Asia this December. A research […]

How to See Through Concrete Walls [Video]

Like almost all interesting technology, the radar array presented by the MIT students below is being developed for warfare situations–specifically those in urban areas where concrete or stone walls are commonplace. It works well enough to offer a count of people on the other side of a wall, but it can’t show you (yet?) whether […]

Facebook Adding Energy Consumption App

Facebook has followed the lead of Google and Microsoft in helping users track their energy use. But as things stand, it will largely be a manual operation for many people. From next year Facebook will be launching an app with Opower, a software company that helps utility providers provide clearer details to users about their […]

Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos Result of GPS Movement

So, remember about three weeks ago, when some neutrinos traveling between Geneva and the Gran Sasso Lab in Italy arrived about sixty nanoseconds quicker than the speed of light? That was weird. However, on the 14th, Ronald van Elburg at the University of Groningen at the Netherlands seems to have figured it out.  His team calculated […]

Three Days Without Service? There’s an App for That.

The good news for BlackBerry owners is that they’ll be getting more than $100 of compensation for the recent outages. The bad news is that it isn’t in the form of cash or credit, but rather a selection of apps. And customers don’t even get a choice of apps. Instead they’ll be able to download […]

Neal Stephenson on Innovation Starvation

Many of you are probably fans of the prolific Neal Stephenson.  He basically helped to start the whole “cyberpunk” movement with his novel Snow Crash, and has been pumping out giant novels at an alarming rate ever since.  Stephenson recently wrote an essay bemoaning the dismantling of the space program, and more generally the lack […]

24-Fingered Head Washing Robot

This Panasonic-branded head washing robot will wash, rinse and dry your hair while massaging your scalp, thanks to its 24 finger design. The robot is due out for commercial release in 2012. [Via Laughing Squid]

Reboot, Reload, and Jiggle the Wire [Music Video]

Ahhhh yeah, this one goes out to all my digital gangsters who work in IT. :) [Youtube]

The Evolution of Hard Drives – 1979-2011 [Pic]

Next year’s model is already in the picture, somewhere between pixels 585 and 586 in the bottom right corner. [howtogeek]

Cellphone Bacteria Uncovers Fecal Fibs

It turns out that all cellphones, even those without apps, can serve as a very particular type of lie detector. And the detector tells us many people are not just liars, but filthy liars. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has been working with Queen Mary, University of London to carry out a […]

Brits get low key take on X-Files style mystery

Residents of a British street have been baffled by their electronic car key fobs suddenly stopping working. It’s led to a host of theories, some more outlandish than others. The BBC reports that the key fobs in Dimond Road, Southampton stopped working last Saturday. It appears to be some sort of problem with interference with […]

REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile

Tuesday, the T3 Gadget Awards 2011 named the Galaxy S II “Phone of the Year” —  the first time in 3 years the award hasn’t gone to Apple or HTC.  Today, T-Mobile is releasing their version of the GSII, which is already available on Sprint and AT&T. The T-Mobile GSII is the final version to launch in […]