Cheap New Sensor Diagnoses Infection by Smell


And in even more medical sensor news, researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a low-cost method of detecting bacterial infection using an artificial nose. To sniff out the particular strain of bacterium, a broad-sensitivity array is attached to the underside of a Petri dish lid and a sample of the patient’s blood is […]

Beetle Inspires Clean Water Tech


Science mimics nature once again as developers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) work out a new water-collecting device based on the Namib Desert Beetle (Stenocara gracilipes), which collects condensation from coastal fog on the bumpy surface of its back. It then tips its back and lets the water roll down into its mouth, an […]

Real Birds Tweeting on Twitter [video]

You knew it was going to happen: angry that their language has been held hostage by humans obsessed with communicating in 140 characters or less, Internet denizens of the avian variety are taking it back. Yep… birds are reclaiming Tweets. OK, so maybe that’s not exactly how it went down, but birds really are sending […]

New Graphene Paper: Light, Strong, and Crazy Flexible

A graphene paper sample. Picture by Lisa Aloisio.

We need planes and cars that are lighter so they burn less fuel, stronger so we’re safer aboard them, and less pollutive to produce. The University of Technology Sydney claims to have an answer in a recent breakthrough in graphene nanotech. The synthesized graphene paper (GP) samples produced at UTS are composite materials made from […]

Kindle titles on library shelves

In another crossover between the physical and virtual worlds, it will soon be possible for American owners to “borrow” Kindle books from their local library. The service has been made possible through an agreement between Amazon and Overdrive, an existing service for such e-book borrowing. The service already has apps for devices such as the […]

New Self-Healing Polymer Fixes Scratches on Cars and Furniture

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University have recently developed a polymer-based material that can heal itself when placed under ultraviolet light for less than a minute. Check it out: [Via]

Railgun Blasts Hugo Award Through Steel Plate and Beyond!

Check out General Atomics’ new railgun as it fires a projectile, which incidentally looks almost exactly like a Hugo Award, through a steel plate and then 7km further. [Via BoingBoing]

Net neutrality debate rolls on in Europe

The European Union is considering rules in response allegations that ISPs are deliberately blocking certain services.¬†But any action will effectively be net-neutrality lite: officials say they won’t block discrimination based on speed. According to the EU, the strictest definition of net neutrality — that all legal traffic is treated equally — isn’t suitable for practical […]

Man Walks Again After 20 Years in a Wheelchair

Thanks to the ReWalk mobility solution, people with severe walking impairments can now walk, sit down, and even ascend/descent stairs again. These robotic legs have an autonomy of 8 hours and are currently priced at $150,000. They may be extremely pricey for now, but as with all new technologies, I’m sure their price will go […]

Got Some Extra $$ and Need a New Toilet? [Video]


Kohler is not playing around. Toilets are serious business, and golden throne jokes aside, the company’s new Numi model–a high-tech bidet–was designed for royalty. Equipped with heated seat and foot warmer, a sound system and various water temperature and spray pattern controls, there aren’t really many things the Numi bidet can’t do. If it’s self-cleaning, […]

Use Your Mind to Dial the Phone


In yet another thought-controlled technology breakthrough, researchers from the¬†University of California in San Diego have developed a Bluetooth device that allows the wearer to dial a phone by concentrating on the numbers they would normally just input manually. The days of the old-fashioned “actually touch the phone” method of dialing are not gone, however. It’s […]

Nordic nations turn tech to cash

For the second year running, Sweden and Singapore have been ranked as doing the best job of using technology to boost their economies. The list is dominated by Nordic countries: Sweden ranked highest, with Finland (third), Denmark (seventh) and Norway (ninth) who also ranked highly. The rest of the top ten includes Asian nations Singapore, […]