Email Pioneer Ray Tomlinson, RIP

Ray Tomlinson, who developed what we now know as email, has died at the age of 74. As well as the technology itself, he created the use of the @ sign in addresses. Tomlinson worked at tech firm Bolt, Beranek and Newman and developed some key technologies for ARPANET, the military network that lay the […]

Free Ebooks: The 2016 Security Essentials – The Ultimate Defense Kit (a $39.99 value!)

For today’s free ebook, get The 2016 Security Essentials – The Ultimate Defense Kit ,a $39.99 value, for free! Kit includes “Windows Malware Analysis Essentials” plus 3 other resources to help you understand network security. By delving into end to end analysis with real-world malware samples to solidify your understanding, you’ll sharpen your technique of […]

Electric Skateboard Approaches 60mph

Daredevil Mischo Erban has set a new world record for using an electric skateboard, hitting 59.55 miles per hour over a 100 meter distance. The “electric longboard” uses two batteries and has individual motors for each wheel, with the motors based on those from an early 1990s hard drive. Terrifying as the ride must have been, […]

Real Dog Vs Robot Dog [Video]

We’ve previously covered Boston Dynamic’s attempts to create robots which use the shape and structure of humans and animals. Tech investor Steve Jurvetson recently took the company’s robot dog ‘Spot’ for a walk and encountered a real-life canine who didn’t seem intimidated by his oversized counterpart.