The Amazing New LG 21:9 Curved UltraWide Monitor (Sponsored)

When it comes to PC’s, you are either part of the master race or are being left behind in a cloud of dust. While some gamers and web users plop down in front of a 14 inch laptop screen or some archaic, bulky monitor, the realest fans are getting rigs and set ups that make […]

The Home Of Codebreaking: Three Days At Bletchley Park (Part 3)

(Check out parts oneĀ and two of this report if you haven’t yet seen them.) Following the main museum we visited the Mansion, home during the war to the top brass and, before Bletchley Park’s expansion, the codebreakers. Most of this area was simply rooms filled with props to resemble their state during the war, though […]

The Home Of Codebreaking: Three Days At Bletchley Park (Part 2)

Following our visit to the National Museum of Computing (see Part 1), we returned the next day for Bletchley Park proper. It’s a deceptively huge visitor facility which begins with two brief exhibition galleries designed as an introduction to the context of the second world war and the general codebreaking process. Useful as these were, […]

The Home Of Codebreaking: Three Days At Bletchley Park (Part 1)

Taking advantage of the freedom of our (tiny) motorhome, my wife and I decided our last long weekend away this year should be to a geeky facility I’ve written about several times here at GaS but never visited until now: Bletchley Park. For those who don’t know, this is a British country mansion whose grounds […]

Move Over Netflix; Amazon Prime Instant Video Now Allows Offline Viewing!

Amazon Prime members will now be able to download movies to watch offline through iOS and Android apps as part of their subscription. Previously the feature was only available on Amazon’s own Fire devices. It’s an attractive weapon in the battles with other streaming video services, though does come with several strings. The feature appears […]

Woman Gets Disability Grant For ‘Wireless Allergy’

A French woman has been awarded a publicly-funded disability grant because she is allergic to radiowaves from mobile devices. However, the ruling stopped short of formally recognizing electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) as an illness. The lady says she is forced to live in a remote barn with no electricity because she suffers adverse effects when exposed […]

Toucan Gets 3-D Printed Beak

A toucan that lost part its upper beak — and thus the ability to eat — has been given a replacement via a 3D printer. Tieta was rescued by police from a fair in Rio De Janeiro and had around half of the upper beak missing. Rescuers think that may have been the result of […]

Quadruple Lightning Strike Causes Google Data Loss

Google has confirmed that four lightning strikes led to a tiny amount of permanent data loss in its online cloud processing service. It appears to be an extremely unlikely freak incident, though Google says it will continue to work to reduce such risks. The incident took place near a data center in Belgium where Google […]