Xbox One Gets 1440p And 120Hz Display

The Xbox One is getting a series of updates with picture quality the key. 1440p and 120Hz support are among the big changes.

The April update is already rolling out and adds support for 1440p displays, also known as QHD. While this isn’t widespread with TVs, it’s a popular option for PC gaming monitors. With this in mind, Microsoft is adding support for AMD’s FreeSync, which will automatically adjust a compatible monitor’s refresh rate to match that of the console.

For those using TVs, Microsoft is also adding an Auto-Low Latency Mode. It will only work on some (mainly new) sets, and will automatically switch the TV into the game display mode that prioritizes reducing latency. If you run something other than a game on the console, such as watching Netflix, the Xbox will automatically switch the TV back to its normal display mode.

There’s also a few audio updates including the option to set individual volume levels for background music and the Narrator screenreader tool, in both cases to better balance it against game audio.

Meanwhile next month will bring an update to support 120Hz on both TV sets and monitors, as long as they are displaying in 1080p or 1440p.