iPhone Survives Two Days In The Sea

An iPhone that had been on a seabed for two days has been returned to its owner – in full working order thanks to a waterproof case.

A Canadian tourist dropped the phone while kayaking off the southern coast of the United Kingdom and assumed it was gone for good before returning home.

Two days later a scuba diver on the seabed, 30 feet below the surface, noticed something light up. It turned out to be the iPhone. The diver believes it lit up because it had just received a message, though it seems unlikely a signal could have penetrated that far into sea water. (The battery had only run down to 84 percent, which suggests it may have been in airplane mode anyway, or that the owner had turned off cellular data while abroad.)

The diver put it in her pocket and then once on dry land began texting numbers in the contacts book (the phone presumably not having a password). She eventually got through to the owner’s cousin and arranged to return it.

The handset was an iPhone 7, which Apple only describes as water resistant. However, it was in a custom case from a manufacturer that’s not yet been revealed, to the eternal shame of its PR department.

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