The Time of the Doctor: When 11th Becomes 12th (in LEGO) [Video]

Youtuber BlobVanDam re-created the touching scene when the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) becomes the 12th using CG Lego characters. I’ll include the original scene below for those of you who want to re-watch it for comparison purposes. [BlobVanDam]

This Re-Cut “Empire Strikes Back” Trailer is Even Better Than the Actual Movie [Video]

Take some footage of the best Star Wars movie of all time (so far), throw in the music of Interstellar on top, and this is what you get: A movie trailer that will make you want to watch ESB all over again. [martygaydos | Via IO9]

Is Doc Brown a Time Lord?

Yep, it certainly seems so! [Via Geek Universe]

Doctor Who Christmas Special Preview: When The Doctor and Clara Run Into Santa [Video]

Clara: “I grew out of fairy tales.” Santa: “Did you, Clara? Did you really?” The TARDIS appears. That was just awesome. [BBC Children in Need]

Bible-Quoting Darth Vader is Absolutely Terrifying [Video]

That was… unsettling. [StSandersMisc | Via IHC]

5 Lines that Would Have Ended Lord of the Rings REALLY Quickly [Video]

Loved the #1 line. [Source: Dorkly]

Gotham Begins: Origins – The Beginning [Parody]

The origins of Gotham City, before it was called Gotham! [The Warp Zone]

25 Things You Might Not Know about Harry Potter

25 things you might not know about Harry Potter by our pals over at Mental Floss. Speaking of Mental Floss, did you know that the popular website is also a magazine? In fact, it’s one of the most interesting “geeky” magazines out there! Mental Floss magazine is an intelligent read, but not too intelligent. We’re […]

AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON – Official Extended Trailer #2

Yet another extended trailer for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron with some extra footage thrown in at the beginning. [CBMTrailers]

American Horror Toy Story [Video]

“Clowns are hilarious!” Yeah, right… [OnlyLeigh]

When Teleportation Goes Wrong: Undelivered Package [Short Sci-Fi Film]

A proof of concept trailer for what is possibly an upcoming short film by independent director Julen Santiago, who also worked on movies such as Rio, Ice Age, Epic, and Despicable Me. In the near future, a company has discovered human teleportation. The world is a better place now. But the technology has a glitch. […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Up to 63% off Action-Adventure Blu-ray Collections

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, save up to 63% off on select action-adventure blu-ray movies, including the ultimate matrix collection, the Lethal Weapon Collection, and a bundle featuring the Robocop trilogy and Robocop 2014. [Up to 63% off Action-Adventure Blu-ray Collections]