The GOT Theme Performed on an 8-Bit NES Keytar [Video]

The Game of Thrones theme performed on an 8-bit NES keytar by Youtuber Theramin Hero: Most of the buttons are functional and can be remapped to different functions, as can the whammy bar. It also has an onboard arpeggio and drum sequencer. The sound comes from the original RP2A03 chip in the NES, giving it […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 64% Off Doctor Who: The David Tennant Collection Bundle – $104.99 + FREE Shipping

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the newly released Doctor Who: The David Tennant Collection Bundle for just $104.99 plus free shipping. That’s 64% off on the bundle’s regular list price of $287.82. The Doctor Who: The David Tennant DVD Collection Bundle features the Tenth Doctor in the Complete Second, Third, […]

‘Ant-Man’ Has Its Director, Adam McKay Will Help With Script

There were rumors circulating director Adam McKay (Anchorman franchise) turned down the job of directing Marvel’s rumor-plagued Ant-Man. Now, Marvel has confirmed that while he will NOT be directing, McKay WILL be helping with the script…and the script is allegedly what Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish left over. Directorial duties have fallen to Peyton Reed (The […]

LOL: Superhero Movies in a Nutshell [Video]

When a teenage boy comes into contact with a Radioactive-Gamma-Serum-Dead-Parent-Mach­ine, he develops strange new superpowers, stops a bank robbery, fights a giant robot, saves the girl of his dreams and thwarts a diabolical genius. ALL IN ONE TAKE. [Above Average]

29 Star Wars Facts You Probably Don’t Know [Video]

Think you know everything Star Wars? Here are 29 Star Wars facts you might not already know about. [Buzzfeed]

Terminator 2: Judgment Day Truck Chase Scene Remade in GTA V [Video]

The truck chase scene from Terminator 2 entirely remade in GTA V by Youtuber John Chapman. Hey everyone, so this week we remade a scene from T-2 (Terminator 2: Judgment Day) and it took quite some time. It mostly took a lot of time because I wanted to try to make it exact. Yes I […]

Mark Hamill Converses With Himself: The Joker is Luke Skywalker’s Father [Video]

From Inside the Magic: During A Conversation with Mark Hamill, the legend performed a famous scene from Star Wars, acting out both the parts of Luke Skywalker and the voice of the Joker. [Inside the Magic | Via NA]

You Wouldn’t Like me When I’m Angry: Cinematic Table Flips Supercut [VIDEO]

I never tried flipping a table while I’m angry, but thanks to this video I now know how satisfying it must feel! [Roman Holiday | Via IO9]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Up to 50% Off on Select Video Games from Blizzard Entertainment

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers up to 50% off on select video games from Blizzard Entertainment such as Diablo III or StarCraft II. [50% Off on Select Video Games from Blizzard Entertainment]

SHARKNADO 2 Teaser Trailer [Video]

Yep, you read that headline right: there’s going to be a sequel to the first Sharknado movie, and by the look of it, it’s going to be as ridiculous as the original. LOL. A freak weather system turns its deadly fury on New York City, unleashing a Sharknado on the population and its most cherished, […]

Be Very Afraid: BaneCat is Back [Video]

Feed me… then… you’ll have my permission to clean. Watch Episode #1 Here: BaneCat is the Ultimate Evil. [BloodBlitz]

New Guardians of the Galaxy TV Spot [Video]

A thief, two thugs, an assassin, and a maniac. Guardians of the Galaxy will hit the big screen in the US on August 1st, 2014. [Marvel Entertainment]