Everything Wrong With Sucker Punch [Video]

Sucker Punch. Quite possibly the most incomprehensible and unnecessary movies ever made. So of course it has sins out the ass. [CinemaSins]

Rey’s Nightmare – A “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Parody [Video]

Not only is my friend David Unger a great singer, he also really knows what makes people laugh. Check out how he turned one of his favorite scenes from “The Force Awakens” into a true nightmare. For those interested, The Force Awakens is coming out on Blu-Ray on Monday, but if you want to watch […]

The Best 80s Cartoon Intro Ever! [Video]

Warning: Language Remember tuning into this every Saturday morning? [Jared Jeffries]

Loki Blames His Brother For Nasty Chicago Weather [VIDEO]

Typical Loki — always blaming Thor for everything! Actor Tom Hiddleston was in Chicago on Friday promoting his new movie “I Saw the Light,” a biopic about troubled country star Hank Williams, when he was asked by the Fox 32 Chicago news team to explain just why the area was being hit with nasty storms. […]

10 Hidden Easter Eggs In Disney Movies [Video]

It’s fair to say that in the world of animated films, Disney and Pixar will always be the dream jobs of most animators and storytellers. And once they get there, the men and women of the studio are eager to show their love for older films, or new ones still under development. The easiest way? […]

BATMAN v SUPERMAN as a 90s Sitcom Theme Song! [Video]

Batman v Superman, such unlikely friends! Batman v. Superman, the laughter never ends. No truer words were ever spoken, especially the “laughter never ends” part. [Rock, Paper, Cynic]

Superman: The Golden Age of Animation [Video]

A look at how the Fleischer brothers pushed the limits of animation to create the definitive Superman. [kaptainkristian]

This Iron Man Alien Xenomorph Looks Amazing! [Pics]

The folks at Samkwok workshop used a Hot Toys’ 1/4 Iron Man Mark 43 figure to build this amazing Iron Man/Alien Xenomorph mashup that would truly bring a new meaning to the quote: “In space, no one can hear you scream.” [Source: Samkwok workshop | Via GT]