The Trailer for the R-Rated “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Blu-Ray is Here [Video]

The upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition will be out on Blu-Ray on July 19. Do you guys think that making the movie longer and R-Rated will make it better? Let us know in the comments! [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition] Advertisements


“World Order” is Joined by Over 100 Performers to Dance on “Have a Nice Day” [Video]

Watch as Genki Sudo and his group “World Order” dance to “Have a Nice Day” along with more than 100 performers in what is considered the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing: Tokyo’s Shibuya ward. [WORLD ORDER | Via LS]

Pool Fart: A Pre-Apocalyptic Short Film [Video]

A fun party goes awry when a rambunctious teen lets one rip in the pool. [Rocket Jump]

The Sharknado 4 Teaser Trailer is Here! [Video]

And it’s as ridiculous as you’d expect. Behold: The SHARKS are about to win BIG in #Sharknado4. Hitting @Syfy on July 31. #The4thAwakens🐬💦🎰⭐️ — Sharknado (@SharknadoSyfy) June 1, 2016 Sharknado 4: On @Syfy on July 31! [Sharknado on Twitter]

Thundercluck: Chicken of Thor

Behold the story of Thunderclock: Chicken of Thor! Written, directed and animated by Paul Allen Tillery IV. [Paul A. Tillery IV | Via Kuriositas]

Beautiful Violin Cover of the Daredevil Theme Song [Video]

A fantastic cover of the Daredevil Theme song by violonist Anastasia Soina. [Anastasia Soina]

Honest Trailer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of Their Shells

Warning: Extreme cringe alert! You’ve seen the TV shows, movies, video games,and character popsicles! Now relive the Turtles’ epically bad concert film, where your favorite half-shell heros trade-in ninja fighting action for two hours of bedazzled denim vests, bad lip-syncing and dated 90’s references. Oh, and yes, if you’re interested in getting the VHS of […]

SKELLIGE WINDS – A New Witcher 3 Song by Miracle Of Sound

A fantastic new song by Gavin from Miracle Of Sound paying homage to the Skellige region from Witcher 3! Speaking of The Witcher, the new DLC, Blood and Wine, came out today! [miracleofsound]