When Your Spouse Likes Forensic Science [Comic]

My wife likes forensic science shows… maybe I should start watching my back from now on. A fantastic comic by MegaCynics. [Source: MegaCynics | Like MegaCynics on Facebook | Follow MegaCynics on Twitter]

Chewbacca Gets in Shape and More Funny Vine Videos by Chewbacca John

Chewbacca John is one funny guy! Don’t forget to un-mute each video before watching it, and then mute it back before you watch the next one. I hate how vine video embeds do not allow much customizations! [Chewbacca John]

Ylvis Fights Bullying with A Capella and… Boodelooap? [Video]

A new song by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis (of “What did The Fox Say” Fame) that pokes fun at a Capella groups such as Pentatonix. Boodelooap. [TVNorge]

When You Play Too Many Video Games [Comic]

Yep, that about sums it up! [Source: Adam Ellis Comics on Tumblr | Follow Adam Ellis on Twitter | Adam Ellis (Official)]

Finally Someone is Putting Those Stupid Hoverboards to Good Use [Video]

  Let’s just hope it doesn’t explode right under his feet! [Source: Jackson ODoherty on Facebook]

If Marty McFly Had a Hoverboard [Video]

Teachers hate him! This local teen figured out one weird trick to get to school on time! [RocketJump]

New “Star Wars: Battlefront” Game Modes [Comic]

I’d definitely be interested in playing a “Mario Kart” style game in Star Wars: Battlefont. That would be awesome! [Source: Cheer Up, Emo Kid | Like “Cheer Up, Emo Kid” on Facebook | Follow “Cheer Up, Emo Kid” on Twitter]

Fallout 4 Mod Mutates Death Claws Into Macho Man Randy Savage [Video]

Thanks to modders AronaxAE and FancyPants, you can now invoke Macho Man Randy Savage into Fallout 4 in the form of a mutated deathclaw that will scream “OH YEAH” at you while tearing your body apart. Download the mod here. FancyPants is the guy who also came up with this memorable Skyrim mod, which I’m […]

Transformers (2007) as a 1950s Monster B-Movie [Video]

If we can believe in Shia LaBeouf saving the world from utter destruction, why not imagine Transformers as a monster flick? This convincing remixed trailer pulls out all the stops to make the 2007 Michael Bay-directed film seem like a monster B-movie from 1950s — complete with emphatic text overlays, an epic musical score and […]

Nightmare Fuel [Comic]

[Source: Charlie Higson – Heck if I Know]

Someone Made ‘One Punch Man’ Their Fallout Character

I have to say, Imgur user, you did a pretty awesome job making One Punch Man for Fallout 4. Only problem is, the game is gonna be super easy now because he can beat everything in one punch. Might be a slightly shorter gaming experience for you than most. Still totally worth it. Great job!

The Force Awakens to Spoilers [Comic]

[Source: Dork Tower | Follow “Dork Tower” on Twitter | Like “Dork Tower” on Facebook]