Sony Knows….

Kind of says it all with me needing to really add nothing to be honest. Last of Us 2. Game over, Man. Game over! Give Sony all the awardzeses. (Reddit) Advertisements


That Mate Who’s Way Too Into His Beer [Video]

As geeks, there’s always something that we love above all others, and in the case of this video, the protagonist seems to like beer a little too much. [Third Leg Studios]

Spaceship Earth [Comic]

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys [Comic]

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Robot Chicken: 8 Classic Luke Skywalker Moments [Video]

Here are 8 classic (and funny) Luke Skywalker moments from Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken. [Adult Swim UK]

Your Brain: Important Info vs. Fun Facts [Comic]

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Video Hilariously Resumes the Whole Bioshock Franchise

Utopias are a really bad idea. Here’s why: 10 points to Gryffindor! From exurb1a: You may’ve noticed enormous swathes of the story have been left out. That’s partly because I’m chronically lazy, and partly because the Bioshock Universe(s) is/are enormous. Cut me some slack, yo. [exurb1a]

Pun [Comic]

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