Even the Gatekeeper of Gozer Gets Thirsty! [PIC]

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“There is no Pepsi — only Coke.” There is no Dana. cc: @staypuft pic.twitter.com/m5jAU1H3Nv — Elise Salomon (@EliseSalomon) July 18, 2014

Director Richard Linklater Offers Advice on How to Deal with Rude Moviegoers [VIDEO]


The Alamo Drafthouse is a Texas-based theater chain known for their witty PSA about not talking or texting while in their theater. They will throw you out, so you’ve been warned. Director Richard Linklater was in Austin, Tex., promoting his new film Boyhood, and on behalf of the Drafthouse, offered frustrated moviegoers some advice — […]

The Origin of Lens Flares in J.J. Abrams’ Movies [Video]


Nobody ever talks about the actor who played Lens Flare in all those Star Trek movies. Now you know. [Luke Knezevic | Via Kuriositas]

‘ELLO POLLY! London Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Monty Python with Dead Parrot Statue

In honor of Monty Python turning a whopping 50 years old this year, London has placed a 50-foot-long fiberglass parrot statue in Potters Fields Park, near Tower Bridge. Naturally, the parrot is “sleeping” on its back. The statue is of a Norwegian Blue, the type of parrot discussed in the comedy troupe’s infamous Dead Parrot Sketch. […]

The Cold, Hard Truth About Splinter [Video]


It’s April Fresh! [Adult Swim]

The Adventures of Middle-Aged Harry Potter [Pics]


Some funny illustrations by artists Jason Mustian and Cole Mitchell picturing Harry as he enters his mid-life crisis. View more here. [Source: Happy Place – Someecards.com]

The Pokemon Electric Power Company [Video]


At Pokemon Electric, we believe that Pokemon are a gift….why not use them properly? [rizenvisual]

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Animated Edition [Video]


A thief, two thugs, an assassin, and a maniac are all that stands between the galaxy and a whole bunch of Bad Days… [Cinefix]

Stewart, Colbert Team Up for Charity in Hilarious ‘Star Wars’-Themed Video


Weeknight talk show hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have reunited for a good cause. In the short, hilarious video below, the two satirists promote UNICEF through the Star Wars-themed campaign J.J. Abrams launched on Omaze, a crowdfunding site. What is meant to be a trivia-off quickly escalates into a barely-keeping-it-together Stewart in cosplay, complete with […]

Handy: “Weird Al” is Just Like Macgyver in Latest Music Video


Here’s today’s music video from Weird Al in his “8 music videos in 8 days” saga. [weirdal]

The Glorious Experience of Eating Poutine in Slow Motion [Video]


As someone who lives in the province of Quebec, I’m a huge fan of Poutine. I once ate the 15-pound “heart attack” monstrosity from Poutineville along with a few friends, and I even wrote a post detailing how you can make your own poutine at home back in 2007. With that in mind, to express […]