The Twins [Comic]

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10 Worst Video Game Glitches Ever

Top 10 Video Game Mistakes And Glitches! Minecraft, Assassin’s Creed, Madden NFL 15 And More! [Screen Rant]

Dorkly Comic: Why Muggles In Harry Potter Don’t Make Any Sense

A look at why muggles in Harry Potter do not make any sense. Comic by George Rottkamp and Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly. [Source: Dorkly]

Disney Princesses As Hot Dogs

Yep, you read that headline right: Disney princesses as hot dogs. A project by Anna Hezel and Gabriella Paiella of Disney has never created a princess who was a hot dog (dumb, in our opinion). Imagine if all of their princesses were hot dogs. So inspiring. Wow. So here you go: Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – A Disney Movie Mashup [Video]

Star Wars: Where dreams come true! [PistolShrimps]

Please Stop Dying: 7 Companion Characters With No Sense of Self-Preservation

All I should have to mention is ‘escort missions’ and all gamers should be ready to scream. There is nothing worse than dragging around a mindless and seemingly suicidal A.I in a game that relies on life or death scenarios. OutsideXbox seem to have a firm grasp on how crappy a bad NPC companion can […]

‘Fallout: Shelter’ Knows Just How “Awesome” Family Time Is

Yeah, it kinda feels like that. (Side note: damn that family knows how to dress, though! And yes, I am not done posting hilarious Fallout: Shelter shots yet.) [Imgur]

The Adventures of God: The Extinction of the Dinosaurs Explained [Comic]

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Top 10 Massive Movie Plot Holes You’ve Never Noticed

From Karate Kid to Jurassic Park, your favorite movies are no doubt riddled with plot holes, but hopefully you’ve been too entertained to notice them. We’re going to ruin that for you by pointing out our top 10. [Alltime10s]

The Moment When You Just Want To Game But The World Wont Let You…

One Imgur user just wanted to come home after a long day of work and lose himself in a video game or two. As you can see from the image above, it is quite clear that this is the last thing the universe wanted. Don’t worry, fellow gamer. We feel your pain. We have all […]