Kids Re-Enact 2014 Emmy-Nominated TV Shows [VIDEO]


The Emmy Awards air tonight, but maybe you haven’t had time to watch some of the major shows that were nominated. Let this ragtag band of kids help catch you up with their “Kid Emmys” video. I’ve seen nearly every show these kids act out, and I about fell out of my chair from laughing. […]

These Rocks are Just so Dense… [Comic]


[Source: Sara Zimmerman – Unearthed Comics | Like “Unearthed Comics” on Facebook]

Ask your doctor about Tacos [Parody Video]


Tacos: the only antidepressant specifically formulated to be freaking delicious! Om nom nom nom. [PJ]

36 (Very Strange or Impossible) Things I Want to Do Before I Die

Anything you’d like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments section below! [Source: The Doghouse Diaries]

Final Fantasy VII: The Epic Game About the Battle Between…

Please insert appropriate “That’s what she said” joke here. ;) [Via GU]

This T-Shirt Will Piss Off Geeks Everywhere [Pic]

Aren’t you a little short for doctor? [Available @ The Neatoshop | More Awesome T-Shirt Designs by Stephanie Jayne]

What is Gandalf’s Weapon of Choice? [Pic]

Presented without comment. [Via NA]

Doctor Who Dating Sim Game [Video]

Although there are some crazy mobile games in Japan, this definitely a spoof. WOULD YOU LIKE TASTY GELATIN INFANT?

The Princess Bride: A Horror Trailer [Video]


OK, when you put it like this, it is a little creepy. Inconceivably so. [Via: Geekologie]