Geektastic Batman and Superman Christmas Sweater


You know you want one! Come on, admit it! So, the weather outside is frightful and Santa Claus can’t deliver his presents. Who’s going to save the day? Superman and Batman, of course! This DC Comics Faux Christmas Sweater features the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader looking festive, anticipating a jolly holiday. This […]

The Onion News Network Reviews “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” [Video]


Hottest review ever. Because you can always trust The Onion when it comes to exposing the truth to people online. [The Onion]

NASA Rejection Letter [Pic]


But… but… but… it was such a great idea! [Via B&P | Tastefully Offensive]

For Saturday: A Doctor’s Note From the Doctor [Pic]


From joebagofdoughnuts: For all you poor bastards scheduled to work this Saturday, I put together a note that I think might get you out of it. Feel free to download, print it out and type in your name. It’s worth a shot. [Source: joebagofdoughnuts | Via Wil Wheaton]

The Doctor Meets Superman and Batman: Who’s a Hero? [Video]


The Doctor could have saved Krypton, but he didn’t. How convenient. [Hishe | Via TMS]

iDiots Takes a Poke at Mainstream Gadget Culture [Short Film]


From the guys over at Big Lazy Robot VFX: Yes, our happiness is based on things we don’t need and governed by entities we don’t control, so what? Sit down and turn on the tv! The robots were taken from real Japanese robot model kits, and they now hold a privileged position in our freak […]

Professor X Insults & Fires Jubilee in New Ex-Men Sketch [Video]


Watch as Professor X fires the cutest and most useless (according to him!) of the X-Men. [Pete Holmes | Via]

Harry Potter In Real Life by Improv Everywhere [Video]


For our latest mission, we sent an 11-year-old actor dressed as Harry Potter into New York’s Pennsylvania Station to search for Platform 9 3/4. Harry wandered the station with a caged owl and a luggage cart and asked both strangers and transit employees how to get to the Hogwarts Express, presenting them with his Platform […]

Role-Playing: Then & Now [Comic]


[Source: Fowl Language | Like Fowl Language on Facebook]

“The Fox” Duo Ylvis Pranks Patrons in “Lost in IKEA” [Video]

lost in IKEA

IKEA is already a nightmare — a metaphorical House of Mirrors. Ylvis doesn’t need to make it any worse. Known to most of us as the guys behind the surprise-hit “The Fox,” Ylvis is actually a well-known comedy duo back in Norway. One of their most popular bits is the hidden camera prank. Watch as IKEA […]