How FROZEN Should Have Ended [Video]


Keep on watching this one till the end. lol. [HISHE]

Top 20 Replies by Programmers When Their Programs Don’t Work


Yep, I’ve used a few of those in the past… on several hundred occasions! :) Thanks Véro!

GEEKTASTIC Ads for Ottawa Comiccon 2014 and 93.3 BOB FM [VIDEO]


A bunch of super fun ads for Ottawa Comiccon 2014 and 93.9 BOB FM. Check ’em out! Thanks Jeff! [BOB FM]

BatDad is Back Once Again to Save the Day [Video]


BatDad is back, and this time, we see the man behind the mask. Keep the mask on, dude, you look way too nice without it. Only the Dark Knight can enforce proper discipline to children, it is known. [BatDad]

What Happens When You Try Leaking Information about the New Avengers Movie [Video]


Arsenio talked Don Cheadle into sharing some secrets from the upcoming “Avengers” film, but Marvel didn’t want to see that happen. [The Arsenio Hall Show]

Realistic Mario: Brick Block [Video]


Mario and Luigi face the reality of hitting bricks with their heads… except that in the game, they hit bricks with their fists. Still funny though. [Pete Holmes]

Facebook Fatigue: I Hate Everyone I know [Video]


Facebook Fatigue afflicts approximately one billion people. But what if you could filter out anything that makes you unhappy? [Comediva]

Honest Video Game Trailer: Grand Theft Auto V


Take a trip into the virtual city of Los Santos, an almost perfect replica of Los Angeles. Play through the story as not one, not two, but three f* up criminals who enjoy life on the edge. But if violence is not your cup of tea (then seriously why’d you get this game?), you can […]


Dorkly Comic-Noahs Dex_featured image

If this totally happened but was left out of the Bible, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. (Dorkly comic by Andrew Bridgman and Andy Kluthe) [via Dorkly]

TRAILER ALERT: ‘Chef’ Features Favreau, Johansson & Downey, Jr.


Jon Favreau directed the first two Iron Man movies, and now he’s starring in a movie for foodies that he also wrote and directed. And he’s cast comic book movie alums Robert Downey, Jr. Scarlett Johansson, and John Leguizamo alongside him! [MOVIES Coming Soon / YouTube]

The Walking Koopas: Telltale Games’ Super Mario Bros. [Video]


Mario is a heartless bastard. [Dorkly]

Alternate Scene from ‘Gravity’ Released! [Video]


It may be a little late for April Fools, but who doesn’t love a little hilarious — and clever — movie editing? (Watch until the VERY end!) [Source: YouTube]