Many Times Before – A Hilarious “Back to the Future” Parody Music Video by DUM

A great new “Face Replace” parody of “Back to the Future II” featuring a new fun song from David Unger! It’s Back to the Future Day, and DUM went to the future; all the way to October 21st, 2015! That sounds like a paradox! Great Scott! [DavidUngerMusic]

Cancel the Magician, Call in the Scientist [Comic]

For those wondering what the experiment does, observe: [Source: Lunar Baboon | Like Lunar Baboon on Facebook | Follow Lunar Baboon on Twitter]

So Apparently Master Chief Likes Sports…

That moment when one of your friends is watching a football game you and look up just in time to see Master Chief in the audience. Wait, what? Yes, this actually happened. Apparently he is a Saints fan. [imgur]

Back to My Future [Comic]

[Source: C-Section Comics]

Dorkly Comic – Fallout: Beginning vs. End

A comic by Andy Kluthe and Tristan Cooper from Dorkly. [Source: Dorkly]

Stupid Tire Swing [Comic]

[Source: Neil Kohney’s The Other End | Like “Neil Kohney’s The Other End” on Facebook]

Hawkeye vs. Green Arrow [Comic]

[Source: Batman V Superman (Tumblr) | Follow @batsVsupes on Twitter | Like “Bats V Supes” on Facebook]

World, Here is Canada’s Newest Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Member of the Rebel Alliance

Didn’t you know, Justin Trudeau got caught as a member of the Rebel Alliance by the Galactic Empire back in 2012 at Montreal Comic Con? Here’s the proof. Yes, this is truly Canada’s newest Prime Minister as of today. (No, but seriously, Justin Trudeau is the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, not of […]

Brick to the Future: A Stop Motion Edition of Back to the Future II [Video]

My friend Monsieur Caron, whom we featured a few times on GAS in the past for his fun stop motion Lego animations, has just released a Lego version of Back to the Future II in tribute to the “future” date from the movie, which is tomorrow! Be sure to check out the video carefully for […]

What Marvels Does the Future Hold? [Comic]

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The Devourer of Worlds [Comic]

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Star Wars Battlefront: Phew, That Was Close

Looks like if this round of Battlefront didn’t announce victory soon, someone was going to end up on the wrong end of a red light saber. Epic win, my friend. Imgur