Captain Planet [Comic]

[Source: Pie Comic]

The World Seen by an “Object-Oriented” Programmer [Comic]

[Source: Manu Cornet – Bonker’s World]

Dinosaurs: Terrible Lizards – A Humorous Short Film

Dinosaurs: Terrible Lizards is an animated comedy nature documentary in which an unseen narrator guides us through the lost world of these majestic morons. The Allosaurus has a head so heavy it drags along the floor. The Apatosaurus has a neck so long and thin it dangles like a piece of rope. This is an […]

When the Avengers and Harry Potter Intros Get Done “Friends” Style [Video]

Youtuber Jeremiah Rivera inspired himself from “Friends” to create these fun intros for “The Avengers” (above) and “Harry Potter” (Below). [Jeremiah Rivera]

Everyday Types of Coders [Comic]

[Source: CommitStrip]

Spock helps Kirk and McCoy forget the Star Wars Prequels [Video]

What a noble and compassionate thing to do. [drewkrotz]

King of Making Cat Memes – A 90s-Style Parody of the “King of Wishful Thinking” [Video]

A new song by my pal Bonecage, who is apparently a big fan of the 90s… and of cats. Cat memes and 90s pop go together like… something… I guess. This is parody of “King of Wishful Thinking” with a bunch of cat memes. Did I mention the cat memes? [Bonecage]

11 Hygienic Handshakes For the Germaphobes [Video]

In his latest video, my pal Coma Niddy came up with 11 hygienic handshakes that will teach you how to exchange greetings without all the germs. [Coma Niddy]

If UP Was A HORROR Movie [Video]

What if Carl wasn’t such a nice guy after all? [Bobby Burns]

Cats, Summed Up [Comic]

Yup, that pretty much sums up cats as astutely as possible. Editor’s note: Cats are awesome. [By ThePerryBibleFellowship]

The Dark Knight Meows! [Comic]

[Source: Cat Issue by Hugo Rosa | Like “Cat Issue” on Facebook]

The Headstone of the Future [Pic]

[Source: Karl Toomey (@KarlTooomey)]