Zack Snyder’s Justice League Star Wars Trailer: Dark Side Knight vs. Super Jedi

This was originally posted by Justice League director Zack Snyder on the social media app, Vero. [Cosmic Book News] Advertisements



This will be most likely the most entertaining thing you’ll watch today. You’re welcome. A comedy short film from director Morten Forland celebrating Vikings, LARPing (Live action role playing), and finding the hero within. When Viking role player Vidar is sidelined to “the land of the dead” he seeks help of the god Odin, who […]

Doctor Who: Companion [Comic]

I’d probably as bad as a companion as the lady featured in this comic. Sigh. [Source: michielynn on Deviantart]

The Star Wars Prequels Recap Rap [Video]

With Rogue One: A Star Wars being released next week, the folks from The Warp Zone thought some of us might need a recap rap of the prequels. Check it out! [The Warp Zone]

Skyrim Sneak Logic [Video]

Ever wonder why sneaking in Skyrim is so over powered? Is your pursuit to be a stealth archer proving to be too easy? Wonder how Dovahkiin can make little to no noise in all that armor? Here’s a video playing with that idea. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Elder Scrolls. It’s just easy […]

Babe, What Do You Want For Christmas? [Comic]

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Honest Game Trailer: DISHONORED [Video]

In a world torn apart by corruption, violence – and insanely aggressive rats, 2 assassins will take justice into their own hands. Its DISHONORED! [Smosh Games]

Suicide Squad Gets the “Honest Trailers” Treatment [Video]

Gear up with the movie we all thought would put the DC Extended Universe back on track, but instead gave us….. a pop-soundtracked mess? Suicide Squad! [Suicide Squad (Extended) on Blu-Ray | Screen Junkies]