New Uses For the iPhone6 #Bendgate [Comic]


[Source: A Zillion Dollars Comics | Like A Zillion Dollars Comics on Facebook]

This Video Will Destroy Your Faith in Online Journalism And Plunge You in an Infinite Pit of Despair #JenniferLawrence


I never use these kinds of headlines on Geeks are Sexy, but considering the nature of this video, I guess it’s totally appropriate. Warning: Language. [Epic News (with Peter & Chris)]

Computer User PSA: This Does Not Equal That [Pic]


A fantastic computer usar PSA from Rob over at Faildesk. For those of you who never programmed in languages supporting that particular syntax, “!=” stands for “does not equal.” [Source: Faildesk]

Holy Crap! This Neverending Story-Themed Music Video is the Craziest Thing You’ll See Today!


The 1984 classic “The Neverending Story” might be a little weird, but this music video by David Unger takes the movie to a whole new level of craziness. [David Unger Music]

Reality Tale [Comic]


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Business Cat: Keyboard [Comic]


[Source Business Cat – Happy Jar]

Birds Are TERRIBLE Mailmen [CH Comic]


Just terrible. Comic by Caldwell Tanner for College Humor. [Source: Caldwell Tanner – College Humor]

Slaves to the Power of Music: How Audiences React to Different Kinds of Music at Concerts [Video]


Check out this fun video from animator and film-maker William Garratt showing how audiences react at different kinds of music at concerts. [William Garratt]

Honest Trailer: Destiny (Border Halo-World of Warcraft Online) [Video]


The story telling of Halo, the scope of World of Warcraft, and the co-operative fun of Borderlands may eventually get patched in, but until then play the worlds hottest 7 out of 10 – Destiny. [Smosh Games]

SUPERCUT: Professor X is a Wimp [Video]


From Screen Junkies: The ’90s X-Men cartoon was one of the best things ever, but people always seem to forget one thing – Professor X was a total wuss. [Screen Junkies]

How Well I Sleep [Comic]


Another awesome comic by my pal Brian from Fowl Language Comics. [Source: Fowl Language | Fowl Language on Facebook]

Batman Now Works at the Carnegie-Stout Public Library [Pics]


From the Carnegie-Stout Public Library (Dubuque, Iowa): In order to give them more space and better light, we’ve moved the adult graphic novels and manga up to the second floor. With a small investment in helium, we’ve secured a trustworthy guide to help lead you to the new location. He’s totally the hero this library […]