Dorkly Comic: Fallout 3 vs. Fallout 4

In their Latest Comic, Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly take a look at some of the differences between Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. [Source: Dorkly]

The Printer is Jamming [Comic]

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The Center of the Universe [Comic]

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Mission to Mars [Comic]

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Jar Jar Binks is The Most Powerful Sith Master in the Universe [Video]

A few weeks ago, a reddit user crated a theory explaining how Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars might actually be a Sith Master, an in this video, Vincent H. Valentine explains the theory in depth. All hail Sith Lord Binks. [Vincent H. Valentine]

Deku Done [Comic]

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EPIC HOW TO – How to be a Ninja [Video]

Who doesn’t want to a master of stealth and martial arts? Joe Bereta teaches you everything you need to know to be a ninja warrior! [Awe Me]

“Candy Crush: The Movie” – Starring Liam Neeson and Stephen Colbert

Now that Activision has formed a studio to make movies based on their own games, it’s only a matter of time before their most recent acquisition hits the silver screen. [The Late Show with Stephen Colbert]

Tired of Waiting: A Musical Parody of “Star Wars: The Empire Strike Back” [Video]

The best part of this video? Replacing C-3PO with Bender, clearly. From David Unger: Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite movie of the original trilogy, and since we are “Tired of Waiting” for The Force Awakens, we decided to have some fun with the footage. [DavidUngerMusic]

Jedi Force Prank [Video]

A young padawan uses The Force in front of innocent bystanders to get some ketchup for his hot dog. [MagicofRahat]

What Happens When You Mix A Marvel Movie with a Romantic Comedy?

Most geeks LOVE Marvel movies, but could live without romantic comedies. For that reason alone Vulture has created this awesome(ly) strange mashup that shows us what a rom-com would look like if it took place starring some of our favorite spandex and leather clad superheroes.