Facebook Stalking Your More Successful Friends [Music Video]

Comedian Pat Regan’s anthem for the most common of Facebook behaviors. [CollegeHumor | Via Neatorama]

Absurdly Awesome: An In-Depth Look Back at the Turkish ‘Flash Gordon’

Many of us who grew up in the seventies and eighties were big Flash Gordon fans. The movie was hokey and silly and out-there (literally), but that is what made it just a blast. What is insane to discover is that the Flash Gordon was actually second out of the box (and the seemingly less […]

Man Deals With Breakup By Artistically Taking His Ex Out of His Life Using Photoshop

Breakups suck. That is something most people can universally agree upon. In our current world of social media it is even worse because, often, we wear our relationships on our sleeves through the photos and statuses we share. One man named Matthew Swarts had a bad breakup recently and found moving on difficult, so he […]

Cats + The Horror of H.P. Lovecraft = H.P. Lovecat

Tumblr blog H.P. Lovecat takes pictures of adorable kittens and combines them with the words of H.P. Lovecraft to create what can only be described as the perfect combination of cute and insane. [H.P. Lovecat | Via Neatorama]

Best Friends Forever [Comic]

[Source: nedesem on Memecenter]

2000 Degrees and Climbing: Weather Map Goes Insane During Live Report

You may look at this and laugh, but if you read my pieces on this site every day you know, this is just another sign of the impending robopocalypse. Sure, the blue screen temps are way off and it isn’t likely any of those places are going to reach 2000 degrees, but what if that […]

Pro Tennis Player Plays Match Against Sentient M1 Abrams Tank [Video]

A short video by visual effects artist Michael Shanks featuring ATP’s top tennis player Novak Djokovic playing a tennis match against a sentient M1 Abrams tank. Boom. [timtimfed]

Why Unicorns Went Extinct

Now you know. [BETC Paris]

The Reason Why “Wash” Died at the end of Firefly [Pic]

This is both clever and really, really sad. [DNDMemes | Via Being a Geek]

5 Crazy Dudes do Epic Bubble Wrap Battle [Video]

This is what happens when 5 crazy dudes get access to a bubble wrap factory: An epic bubble wrap battle! [Dude Perfect]

Fun Animated Shorts Retell Myths Parents Tell Children [Video]

Check out these fun animated shorts (above and below) retelling some of the myths parents tell children by Kilogramme, a Manchester, England-based animation studio. [Source: Kilogramme | Via IO9]

The Trophy (Bro!) [Comic]

Love that last panel. Lol. [Source: OOF The Blog (Comics) – Keith Pakiz]