A Scientifically Accurate Love Story [Comic]


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Did You Know Humans Only Use 10% of their Pancreas? [Comic]


Some say we only use 10% of our brain (You know it’s a myth, right?) so why not 10% of our pancreas? [Source: John McNamee – Pie Comic]

Vomitron [Comic]


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Frozen is the New Black [Video]


After “Frozen” ends, “Frozen is the new black” begins, as Elsa must serve time in princess prison for freezing the kingdom of Arendelle. [Only Leigh]

This Japanese Doctor Who Will Make You Go WTF! [Video]


Gallifreyan jujitsu FOR THE WIN! [lepoissonriuge | Via Nerd Approved]

25 of The Best Anti-Jokes Ever [Pic]


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Spoiler Alert: What Bran Will Look Like in Season 5 of GOT


LOL, that’s all I have to say. [Imgur | Via NA]

HOLY SHARKNADO BATMAN: The First Full Sharknado 2 Trailer is Out! (+ Sharknado 1 Recap) [Video]


The first full trailer for Sharknado 2 is out! Haven’t seen the first one yet? Be sure to check out this short summary before watching the second one on Wednesday July 30 at 9PM on the Syfy channel. Warning: Blood and gore. [Movies Clip TRAILER]

The Awesomeness of Lowcost Cosplay is Back! [Picture Gallery]


We’ve featured some of the costumes from Lowcost cosplay in the past, but the Facebook page has posted a lot of new material since then. Check out some of our favorites below! [Source: Lowcost Cosplay | Via]

Batman is a Terrible Facebooker [Comic]


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