Best Birthday Ever [Comic]

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Zoinks: Scooby Doo Intro Remade With GTA 5

You know how sometimes the internet is exactly what it should be? This example of someone modding out GTA 5 so they could make an almost shot for shot remake of the opening of Scooby Doo is exactly one of those things. The internet used for its absurd best. [H/T to Reddit, Via BTZ]

Hey Son! Check Out This Awesome New Game! [Comic]

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Your Dose of Internet Insanity for Today: Dog of Wisdom [Video]

Here’s your dose of Internet insanity for today. You’re welcome. Ah ba ba de ga de ga. [Joe | Via TA]

Sure, After You: Horror Game Logic

Sure, looks super inviting. Heck, give me five minutes and I’ll throw together some E-vites and see if some friends wanna come by and throw a party in there, it looks THAT inviting. Game logic at its finest. (Via Imgur)

Harley Quinn’s “Frozen” Parody “Do You Want to Kill the Batman” Gets Animated [Video]

When that parody of Frozen’s “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” featuring Harley Quinn came out a while ago, it became a instant hit, and now, an artist as created a short animated sequence to go along with the song, check it out! And in case you missed the full song when it came […]

That’s How it’s Done! [Comic]

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Pronouncing File Extensions [Comic]

Yep, even most of the ones at the bottom are real. [Source: Owl Turd Comic | Like “Owl Turd Comic” on Facebook | Follow “Owl Turd Comic” on Twitter]

Every Japanese RPG Ever! [Video]

Yep, that pretty much sums them all up. [CH]

Ant-Man Trailer – Homemade Shot for Shot [Video]

A fun “shot for shot” homemade version of the Ant-Man trailer. Be sure to check out the side by side comparison video below as well! [CineFix]

Pale as a Geek [Comic]

[Source: The Pigeon Gazette | The Pigeon Gazette (PigeoneerJane) on Deviantart]

The Lies That Movies Tell Us: Chloroform [Video]

Yes. Movies are fictional, but just exactly HOW fictional are they, especially when it comes to chloroform? [Zamboni Grenade]