I’m Learning to Code! [Comic]

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TEAM THOR: Thor Discusses Paying the Rent with His Roommate Darryl [Part II]

For the release of Doctor Strange, Marvel has just released the second part of their “Team Thor” sketch where Thor and his roommate Darryl discuss how Thor will help with paying the rent of their appartment. The full sketch is available on the Digital HD version of Doctor Strange, which just came out today. The […]

Bat Target [Comic]

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Bat Blood: Taylor Swift Batman Parody

Nerdist Comedy Shorts just released Bat Blood, a parody of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video. From Nerdist: “Catwoman’s got bat blood, so now she’s getting the gang together to take out Batman in this Taylor Swift parody.” The video is a clever and witty take on the setting, with Batman’s rogues gallery teaming up […]

The Spider is in All of Us [Comic]

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Might Not the Worst Person to Watch Movie With [Pic]

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Coffee vs. Sleep [Comic]

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