New DS bigger, if not better

If you want to get the next model in Nintendo’s DS range you’ll need a little extra cash in your pocket… and a little extra room. The newly announced 3DS XL will have a 4.88 inch main screen and a 4.18 inch lower screen. That compares with 3.53 inch/3.01 inch on the existing 3DS, making […]

LCD Sales Take a Tumble

Not only has the number of TVs shipped by manufacturers fallen, but LCD shipments have dropped for the first time. It’s raised questions about build quality, the lack of obsolescence, and the lack of interest in 3D technology. During the first three months of this year, worldwide shipments of all televisions are estimated to have […]

Microsoft Introduces its Tablet: The Surface

Microsoft has stepped into the bloodsport Kumite known as the tablet market and has announced more details for The Surface. With Apple dominating this corner of the world, other manufacturers were quick to develop their own hardware to varying reception. The ever popular Blackberry introduced their Playbook hoping to trump the other projects, but sadly […]