From Spam to Scams: 30 Years of Online Annoyances

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] Break out the bubbly: Spam is celebrating its 30th anniversary this weekend. And my oh my, three decades later, how the annoyances of the internet have changed. Where it all started The message considered the first unsolicited mass e-mail went out to unsuspecting inboxes on May 3, 1978. A […]

Having your laptop searched at the US border – legal or intrusive?

By Mark O’Neill

Boing Boing has highlighted an interesting page on the Electronic Frontier Foundation website which talks about a recent court ruling – United States v. Arnold – which essentially allows US border guards to search your laptop or other digital devices without legal restraint if you try to enter the United States.

This has got a lot of civil liberties groups up in arms (or as South Park likes to put it, “rabble! rabble! rabble!”), as obviously the contents of your laptop are private. You could have sensitive business information on there. For example, what if you’re a lawyer and you have confidential client information that you can’t reveal to a third party? Or on a personal level, perhaps embarrassing stuff like kinky porn which technically may be legal under the US constitution to own and look at but obviously you don’t want a border guard finding it on your computer? You might even have something REALLY downright embarrassing and reputation destroying like some Britney Spears music from iTunes.

So are there any legal ways or crafty dodges to get around this obvious violation to your privacy and civil liberties? Plus is this court ruling right? Could it be open to an appeal?

F-Secure’s Internet Security 2009 Beta

Anti-virus products from large corporations are becoming so bloated.  With features like backup solutions, password managers, anti-phishing, anti-spam, and application scanning firewalls, products that were intended to protect your system only tends to bog down it down.  Even as a security professional, I would prefer to not run an Anti-Virus product that is all-encompassing like […]

Build a Whole New Identity to Protect Yourself Online

By Mark O’Neill No, the title of this article is not the way it sounds.   I’m not advocating anything illegal.   I’m not offering any fake passports or dodgy driving licenses.   But instead, when you’re filling in another one of those endless web forms asking for your contact information, instead of giving them your actual details, […]