Futurama is Back, Baby!

By Jimmy Rogers (@me)
Contributing Writer, [GAS]


According to an inside source who spoke to Collider, Comedy Central has decided to renew Futurama for another 13 million years episodes. The futuristic farce has long been a favorite among animated comedies, filling large time slots late at night in the US.  Now, after Comedy Central has re-aired the entire series and all four movies, it seems they’ve convinced themselves that they should give it another go.

There have been rumors of new episodes for quite some time of course, but this seems to be an actual production order.  Usually once a series gets cancelled and starts being made in a “direct to DVD movie” format, there isn’t much hope left.  It seems that in this case Futurama may have a second chance at life.

If it is just a hoax, hopefully Comedy Central will see all the buzz and just pretend they DID give the order!  In any event, I’d expect to see your old pal Bender back up on the screen sometime in the near future.

How many of you watched Futurama when it was new and how many of you found out about it later when Comedy Central played every episode a million times?

[TV Squad via @thinkgeek]

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