New iPhone 3GS Guided Tour

Yesterday, at the WWDC, a new iPhone was announced: the iPhone 3GS! The new unit features tons of cool new features, including an autofocus camera, video recording, and even voice control. Here’s a 10-minute guided tour that will walk you through all the new features.


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  1. creepy…is the phone being held by a cyborg? I have never seen anyone with such a steady hand. But the phone is fully awesome.

  2. What happened to you – this is one of my absolute favourite blogs and this is a genuine sell out – sort it out man – apple is worm paradise – seriously you frakin suck selling out like this –

    Nokia n97 doesn't stoop to saying shite like – "press a button ans something happens – "

    shite – frakin shite – shite….

    • I don't get it Sam, all we did was to post a guided tour to the new iPhone.. produced by Apple. We've posted content like this often in the past.

  3. Oh man – i just saw voice calling – what is this phone – its like someone has dug up a crystal set and simply vamped it with bernaise marketing with walter lipman sauce and savaged my sense of homosapien = COME ON"!!

    Its a freaken relic from FIVE YEARS AGO with vegetarian props, vegan attitude and puncy che guvera style PC SHITE !!!!

    Its WHOLE ANGLE is fruit – it says IM JAM – freakin jelly for yanks – I WILL SIMPLY SUCK ON YOUR MOST VULNERABLE LACK OF EGO…….

  4. IM seeking medical – he just said – wait for it – waaaaait – MMS it now supports MMS – what is this – a trubite to TESLA and EDISSON stand off – a god damn time warp museum piece in some ohio outpost – COME ON – where that god damn particle beam – NEW NOKIA HAS SELF CHARGING SYSTEM BY AQUIRING ENERGY FROM RADIO FREQUENCIES IN THE ATMOSPHERE _ and APPLE HAS MMS – death can not come fast enough/////…[email protected]@

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