Space digest: Apollo 11 anniversary, Endeavor delays, Mars mission simulation

As the 40th anniversary of the first moon landings draws nearer, space travel both past and present continues to make headlines. NASA has launched an official web page to commemorate the Apollo 11 flight. Highlights include a state by state map showing locations of lunar tie-ins, from the birthplaces of astronauts to the current homes […]

This is Why You’re Fat: The Original Bacon Explosion

To keep on going with our series of posts on super-unhealthy food, let us present you the arteries-clogging Original Bacon Explosion: Unfortunately, the inventor of this life-threatening delicacy didn’t list the recipe’s dietary values, but if our guess is right, this thing probably has a few 1000’s calories along with way too many grams of […]

Google Makes Creative Commons That Much More Easy

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] If you’ve ever written a blog post or made a website, one of the most onerous tasks is finding good graphics without copy protection.  Text-only content is generally frowned upon because the increased popularity of the internet has somewhat “raised the bar” for the average blogger.  Readers expect […]