Feature: Wait, did you say “Flamethrower”? – The Robogames Combat Robots

Combat robots aren’t exactly new – the first season of the Comedy Central show “Battlebots” aired in 2000 and the games had been going strong since 1997. What’s interesting, however, is how 11 years of robot evolution have affected the sport. Back in 2002, the spinners ruled the day. But today’s robots are meaner than […]

Eminem’s Bizarre Star Trek Homage

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Eminem’s unapologetic celebrity bashing isn’t exactly anything new, but the video released last week for the first single of his new album, “We Made You,” is actually kind of interesting (if at times kind of offensive) in that it’s almost like a pop culture time capsule for the last […]

Leonard Nimoy Joining “Fringe”

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] My apologies for the unimaginative headline, but after reading several news stories yesterday with titles that involved Leonard Nimoy “beaming up” or “trekking over” to FOX’s show Fringe, I simply couldn’t perpetuate the lameness. (And I should note that what follows should not be considered any kind of spoiler […]