Wednesday Geeky Pics: Geeky Gingerbread

The holiday season is nearly over, which means that the piles of baked goods might finally be starting to dwindle (just in time for New Years’ resolution diets). Which means it’s also time to eat that gingerbread house! It was fun to look at for a while, though; here’s a few more that caught my eye…

When you take a gingerbread rocketship to the moon, is it still made of cheese? – wallyg (CC)

A gingerbread version of the steampunk treehouseoaklandearthgirl (CC)

Intellivision! Featuring gingerbread fake wood paneling. – rakka (CC)

Oh dear, it looks as if the gingerbread daleks may be gathering forces… – johnson cameraface (CC)

… for an attack! yersinia (CC)

And of course, the geekiest gingerbread man of them all. – cayusa (CC)

Joakim’s gingerbread tetris (with pac-man) – Pixelthing (CC)

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