Why Final Fantasy XV Is The One You’ve Been Waiting For

The newest Final Fantasy game has had people drooling for almost a decade now. The first demo was insane and awesome, and though it seems like a big departure for a Final Fantasy game (driving around, is this Final Fantasy GTA?) but the truth is, the game has a lot to offer to fans of […]

Battlefield – Main Theme (Anastasia Soina violin)

A fantastic cover of the main theme from Battlefield 1 by violinist extraordinaire Anastasia Soina. I still haven’t tried the game, but I heard it was pretty darn fantastic with great gameplay and beautiful visuals, with many people reporting that it should win FPS of the year, especially when it comes to the online multiplayer […]

MEGA MAN 2 – Quick Man Banjo Cover [Video]

From Banjo Guy Ollie: Here’s the Quick Man them from Capcom’s Mega Man 2 on Nintendo NES. I tried to stick to the original arrangement on this one and it sort of revealed it’s Latino vibes instantly. The original has this rhythmic sound throughout that I thought about leaving aside altogether but it reminded me […]

Atari 2600 Comes To Minecraft

A Minecraft player has built a working Atari 2600 console within the game’s digital world. But ‘working’ comes with a big caveat. It’s not the first time somebody has taken advantage of the fact that building blocks in the game can be functional as well as decorative. In 2014 one player created a working one-kilobyte […]

Video Hilariously Resumes the Whole Bioshock Franchise

Utopias are a really bad idea. Here’s why: 10 points to Gryffindor! From exurb1a: You may’ve noticed enormous swathes of the story have been left out. That’s partly because I’m chronically lazy, and partly because the Bioshock Universe(s) is/are enormous. Cut me some slack, yo. [exurb1a]

The R-rated Oregon Trail [Video]

Note: This is safe for work, the video talk about a true to history version of the Oregon Trail game. We all loved The Oregon Trail as kids — and the gameplay was pretty accurate. But there were a few things about pioneer life that weren’t fit for that precious hour in the computer room. […]

Skyrim Sneak Logic [Video]

Ever wonder why sneaking in Skyrim is so over powered? Is your pursuit to be a stealth archer proving to be too easy? Wonder how Dovahkiin can make little to no noise in all that armor? Here’s a video playing with that idea. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Elder Scrolls. It’s just easy […]

Today’s Hottest Deals: INCREDIBLE Savings on Select Strategy Games + More Deals!

For today’s edition of “Deal of the Day” Amazon is offering some of the best prices of the year I’ve seen on over 50 popular strategy games such as Dominion (second edition,) Zombicide, The Magic the Gathering board game, Tokaido, and A LOT MORE! –INCREDIBLE Savings on 50+ Strategy Games! Other Deals –Call of Duty: […]

Honest Game Trailer: DISHONORED [Video]

In a world torn apart by corruption, violence – and insanely aggressive rats, 2 assassins will take justice into their own hands. Its DISHONORED! [Smosh Games]

Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour – Midnight Update Gameplay

So here we have the final demo (in a series of demos that came out) for Resident Evil 7, slated to drop in full at the end of January. Though I still stand behind my initial reaction that this ‘does not look like a Resident Evil game to me’, after part 6, some change was […]

Gift Idea For Fallout Fans: The Fallout Worker Bundle

Got a Vault 101 dweller in your life? Then this Fallout woker bundle might just be the perfect gift for that person! This Fallout Worker Bundle has everything you need to stay on top of whatever job you’re assigned. First, there’s the aforementioned Vault-Tec button-up work shirt with long sleeves and three interchangeable sleeve patches […]

This Gladiolus Cosplay (Final Fantasy XV) is Nothing Short of PERFECT! [Pics]

As far as sexy male cosplayers go, Leon Chiro is the sexiest of them all (at least by my standards,) and his Gladiolus Cosplay from Final Fantasy XV proves my point exactly. Leon was hired as an “official” cosplayer to promote Final Fantasy XV, and by judging from these pictures, he’s the perfect guy for […]