Protect your Dice in Style With This Chain Mail Dice Bag

A chain mail dice bag that can hold two to three dozen polyhedral dice (depending on shape and size). This dice bag is also perfect to bring along with you when you dive with sharks! This armor can be used to protect your favorite random number generators! That’s right – no longer will your dice […]


IT EXISTS: A Giant Inflatable 17.5 Ft Fortnite Battle Bus!

All aboard the Battle Bus! This is one of the most epic (and gigantic!) inflatable decoration we’ve seen! Where we droppin’? Skydive down over to Spirit Halloween for your very own officially licensed inflatable Fortnite Battle Bus! It’s a mystery what goes down inside of this Fortnite staple, but one thing is for sure: Once […]

Wizards and Warriors 3 – Title Screen Cover [Video]

A fantastic cover of the Wizard and Warriors 3 theme song by Banjo Guy Ollie. Wizards and Warriors 3 was a game that was released back in 1992 on the original NES by Acclaim Entertainment. Here’s the original version: And here’s the game: [Banjo Guy Ollie]

Top 10 Collectible Fads

I think every single person reading this right now can admit to having been obsessed with at least one of the collectible fads mentioned on this list. Don’t be ashamed. Embrace that part of your youth! It was fun, and that is all the excuse we needed! [WatchMojo]

When the Student Becomes the Master [Comic]

Yep, that’s totally me playing video games with my son. Sigh. I’m getting old and slow. [Source: Fowl Language | Like Fowl Language on Facebook]

The Nintendo 64 Gets an Honest Trailer [Video]

From Nintendo, comes the generation of gaming that brought Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and all of your favorite games into the 3 dimensional world. This is the Nintendo 64! [Smosh Games]

Play Magneto in GTA V Thanks to an Awesome New Mod! [Video]

Seriously, this Magneto mod has to be one of the best GTA V mods ever, and if you’re not interested in trying it out, entertain yourself by watching Magneto wreak havoc in Los Santos in the video below. [GTA X Scripting]

Forging Sora’s Pirate Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts) in Real Life [Video]

From Man at Arms: Excited for Kingdom Hearts 3? So are we! Today our blacksmiths build Sora’s new “Pirates of the Caribbean” themed keyblade weapon from the much anticipated KH3! [Awe Me]