When Pokémon Go Conflicts with Real Life [Videos]


The folks from Nerd City have created three short videos taking a look at situations where Pokémon Go might interfere with real life. Check it out! When You See The Rival Team At Your Home Pokémon Go Gym When Your Uber Driver Uses Pokémon GO for GPS When You Can’t Get Any With a Pokémon […]

Mushroom Kingdom of Heaven [Short Film]


Be sure to watch the first minute… and then skip ahead using the little preview window to stop at important events throughout the video (Most are listed below.) 1:49 2:06 3:00 4:14 6:32 6:48 9:20 10:32 14:35 16:50 17:10 17:30 18:13 21:10 21:38 24:42 26:17 28:55 30:32 32:16 36:18 40:00 40:46 43:14 45:45 46:05 46:25 […]

All Four Generations, Side by Side: A Journey Through Time


Granted, it might be kind of cumbersome, but that would be cool to have at your house. Imagine having all the gaming generations represented with all the different systems? I think that may have just been added to my bucket list. (imgur)

With Arms Wide Open: The 10 BEST Assassin’s Creed Games of All Time


It seems like every time someone sneezes or it rains somewhere, a new Assassin’s Creed game comes out. At this point, there are too many to even keep track of, and that doesn’t even include the 12 Assassin’s Creed games still yet to come out THIS YEAR. Which begs the question: What are the top 10 […]

Super Mario Bros. Heat Change Mug [Animated GIF]

A Super Mario mug that changes color from day (hot) to night (cold,) depending on the temperature of the mug! The Super Mario Bros. Heat Change Mug features a classic landscape in the style of the original and beloved NES title. When the mug is cold it features a dark, nighttime landscape, and when hot […]

Catching Mew (#Pokemongo) [Comic]


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If Pokemon GO Existed In the Pokemon Games


An app seems like a better idea than children training superpowered monsters to fight. [Dorkly]

Grand Theft Auto: Go is Almost Ready for Launch


First and foremost, this is obviously not real and just something thrown together by someone on the internet, but can we attempt to speculate what a Grand Theft Auto version of Go would be like? Stealing cars, running down strangers, picking up hoo…nah, maybe we just keep this in our minds and not discuss it […]

Oldschool Video Games Get Recreated with Everyday Items [Stop Motion Video]


PES recreates 5 classic arcade death sequences in this newly remastered HD version of his stop-motion short “Game Over”. [PESfilm]

Chasing Pikachu in a Real-Life Game of Pokémon Go [Video]


Youtuber CaseyNeistat plays a real-life game of Pokémon Go and chases Pikachu across the streets of New York. [CaseyNeistat]



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