DEAL: Catan Board Game is at an All Time Low Price!

Here’s one last deal for the day! The extremely popular board game Catan (5th edtion) is currently priced at just $29.75, the lowest price its ever been on If you’ve never tried this game before, prepare yourself to become addicted! It’s one of the most popular board games in the geek community and there’s […]

Sony Confirms PS4 Pro Titles

Sony says more than 40 games will get immediate benefits from the PS4 Pro that launches next week. The precise details of each title’s improvements aren’t available yet. As well as improvements to the processors, the Pro console will support increased frame rates, 4K resolution and HDR (which improves both contrast and the range of […]

Los Angeles Comic Con 2016: A Cosplay Music Video by Sneaky Zebra

A new video filmed last weekend at Los Angeles Comic Con 2016 by my pals at Sneaky Zebra. This one was made in partnership with the folks at Lootcrate! Nick and Gary are truly the best on the Internet (and on Youtube) when it comes to filming Cosplay music video. If you haven’t subscribed to […]

This Guys Won Halloween This Year With His “Pokémon Go” Costume

Matt Borgelt built himsel fan interactive Pokémon Go costume for Halloween this year, and as you’ll see in the video above, it probably is the best, or at least most interactive, costume you have seen this year. Check it out in action in the video above! My Snapchat friendly vertical video (sorry) of my Pokemon […]

86-Year-Old Baffled By Metro 33 Piracy Claim

An 86-year-old Canadian grandmother has denied illegally downloading mutant-shooter Metro 2033, noting that it is not exactly to her taste. It’s another example of what has generously been called “speculative invoicing” by a company acting on behalf of rightsholders. Christine McMillan received two emails forwarded by her ISP from a private company. It said she […]

HALLOWEEN 2016: Geeks are Sexy Readers’ Costumes Picture Gallery

As I do each year, I asked Geeks are Sexy readers and friends (both here and on Facebook) to send in pictures of their Halloween costumes, and as usual, I received A LOT of submissions! Unfortunately, I just cannot post them all, but here is a selection of some of my favorites for your viewing […]

The Truth About the Super Mario Brothers

Did you ever notice that the flag Mario takes down at the end of each level has a peace symbol on it? This might indicate that all the Goombas and Koopas in the original Super Mario Bros game are peaceful beings and is probably why none of them seem to want to kill Mario in […]

Video Game Music is SO PREDICTABLE! [Video]

Youtuber and musician Seth Everman improvised various musical sequence to simulate certain situations that occur in most games, such as when you meet a boss, go through a tutorial, watch an unskippable cutscene, and more! From Seth Everman: I just made this video by improvising some stuff that sounded like video game music and it’s […]

Video Game Story Time – Zelda: Majora’s Mask – The Story of Eiji Aonuma

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask had one of the most interesting behind-the-scenes development stories of any Nintendo game. Shigeru Miyamoto gave Eiji Aonuma just one year to complete the entire game, despite the fact that Eiji had never made a Zelda game before. The result was one of the most popular games of all […]

Super Mario: Underworld – What Happens When Mario Dies [Video]

Have you ever wondered about what possibly happens when Mario dies in the various versions of his games? All those countless lives that go down the drain as he stumbles down a pit over and over again? Welcome to the world of “Super Mario: Underworld” the equivalent of the upside down from Stranger Things, but […]

A PC Gamer’s Worst Nightmare [Video]

A funny Halloween-themed video from the folks over at corsair promoting their line of performance gaming products in a rather subtle manner. I have to admit, playing a game at 23FPS is pretty horrific but I can name a thing or two that would be equally as scary: Half-life 3 announced. Xbox One exclusive. Half-life […]

If Dr. Wily (From Megaman) Had An Assistant [Video]

First, Dr. Robotnik finds himself and assistant, and now it’s Dr. Wily’s turn to hire the guy. This assistant should be a villain all by himself instead of helping video game bosses. Kevin is the professional, straight-laced assistant to villains everywhere, making sure their plans and schemes aren’t full of holes and dumb stuff. And […]