Epic NPC Man: When Your Charisma is Maxed Out [Video]

This adventurer is sentenced to death! How will she get out of that tricky situation? Find out in the latest episode of Epic NPC Man! [Viva La Dirt League]

Politician Asks If Loot Boxes Are Gambling

A Washington state politician says video game “loot boxes” could be classed as gambling. Kevin Ranker wants to force the state’s gambling commission to investigate the issue. Ranker has introduced a bill in the state Senate that wouldn’t affect loot boxes themselves but rather would force the commission to carry out a formal study and […]

DEAL: Get a 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV for Just $329.99 + FREE Shipping

Looking for a great 4K LED Tv at a very low price? Amazon currently has the well-reviewed TCL 49S405 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV for just $329.99 plus free shipping instead of $479.99. TCL, one of the world’s largest TV manufacturers in the world and America’s fastest growing TV brand, bring the […]

Every Video Game Store Ever [Video]

Video Game Stores – whether it’s getting ripped off on trade-ins, waiting in line for the big new release, or more, this is Every Game Store Ever! [Smosh]

Kratos Faces Duty of Fatherhood in New God of War Story Trailer [Video]

From Santa Monica Studio and creative director Cory Barlog comes a new beginning for one of gaming’s most recognizable icons. Living as a man outside the shadow of the gods, Kratos must adapt to unfamiliar lands, unexpected threats, and a second chance at being a father. Together with his son Atreus, the pair will venture […]

Forging the Shovel Blade from Shovel Knight in Real Life [Video]

From Man at Arms: Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman build some of your favorite weapons, and some weapons that you’ve never seen before. This week, the guys at Baltimore Knife and Sword take on the Shovel Blade from Shovel Knight! [AWE Me]

Woman Plans To Marry Tetris

A Florida woman says she plans to marry a Tetris cartridge. Fractal Tetris Huracan says she was previously in love with a graphical calculator. Huracan appeared on British television today to discuss how she identifies as objectum sexual, meaning she is attracted to objects rather than people. Despite the name, she says the condition is […]

Understanding How a TV Works at 380,000 Frames Per Second

If you are reading this, you’ve seen a screen with your eyes. But have you REALLY seen it though? Like real proper seen it (at 380,000 frames per second)? Don’t worry, Gav is here to help you out. This is How a TV works in Slow Motion. [The Slow Mo Guys]