ELECTRIC: Katy Perry’s New Song Pays Homage to Pikachu [Video]

The official video for “Electric”…follows Katy and Pikachu as they take time out to enjoy nature and reflect on how they have evolved over the years. After a day of exploring, the pair stop at a lighthouse to meditate. Falling into a reverie, they’re taken back in time to the earliest days of Katy’s career. […]

Baelin’s Route – A Complete Epic NPC Man Adventure Movie

Epic NPC man has always been a humorous web series taking a look at the life of various non-player characters from a fictional video game universe. However, the people behind the series have decided to create a complete movie with the help of its fans via a Kickstarter campaign, and half a million dollars later, […]

MASSIVE Amazon Book Sale: Buy One Already Discounted Book, Get One for Half Off

Amazon is currently holding a MASSIVE book sale! Just buy one, and you’ll get the second one at 50% off! And yes, most of these book are already discounted, which makes this sale even more interesting! There’s THOUSANDS of awesome title in there, including countless comic books, Dungeons and Dragons adventures and rulebooks, and a […]

KOTOR + KOTOR 2: Play the 2 Best Star Wars Games EVER for Just $4.99

Never tried the critically-acclaimed KOTOR and KOTOR 2, the best Star Wars games of all time? Today in our store, pick up Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 for just $4.99 (75% off!) KOTOR: It’s 4,000 years before the Galactic Empire will be established, and the Jedi Knights are in an all-out war […]