This Zelda: Wind Waker “Unreal Engine” Fan Animation is Worthy of a Pixar Movie

3D artist and Youtuber Vitor Maccari made this amazing animation based on Zelda: Wind Waker using Unreal Engine, and as you’ll see, it almost looks like something Pixar would release on the big screen!

This is my first personal project using Unreal Engine. I did it just for learning and of course, for fun. I’ve reused the animation and the 3D assets from a short movie I made a few months ago (check out the link below). I’ve also modeled some new assets like grass, palm trees and rocks. I’ve made the handheld moviments myself with my DSLR camera. Then I tracked the shots using Nuke (Software) and imported them to Unreal.

[Vitor Maccari | Via Gizmodo]