“Catchy Title” – A Free Guy Review

Free Guy Review

For the first time in over 18 months, we decided to head to the movies. Since it had been a while, we wanted something great, awesome; an incredible movie experience! Being Canadians through and through, we chose our main dude Ryan Reynolds’ new flick Free Guy.

Free Guy is the story of Guy, a simple bank teller in Free City, that discovers he is nothing but a background character and decides to become a hero. The twist, for Guy, is that he is unaware he is actually an NPC in a videogame.

Filled with hilarious easter eggs throughout the movie, Free Guy does not disappoint. From Miley Cirus to Fortnite, with a few spoilerish surprises (including a well-known “marvel”ous cameo) we will keep quiet about, we laughed through the whole thing!

As some of you might have noticed by our clever title, our favorite NPC (after Guy, of course) is Dude, an unfinished character created by Taika Waititi’s Antwan, A.K.A. the bad guy. For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer yet, Dude is a heavy-muscled guy with many “to be determined” cases left to fill out. This also seems to apply to his I.Q.

Ethan Tobman (producer) and Shawn Levy had their hands full, having to create a totally new videogame. The camera play is outstanding, focusing on our main NPCs living normally while having incredible explosions in the background.

While the “Free City” game Tobman and Levy created is visually amazing, it does say something about today’s videogames and its indifference to violence. In Free City, regardless of age, players gain levels through violent missions. When we toggle to the “real world”, the “superheroes” are actually kids playing these characters going around punching NPCs and robbing banks.

If you are looking for that fun summer blockbuster, the one that you will laugh out loud many times, go see Free Guy!

And here’s the final trailer for those of you who may not have seen it yet!

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