7 Crazy Japanese Games We Should All Know About

There are video games, and then there are Japanese video games. What is the difference, you ask? What makes Japanese games so far removed from their western counterparts? Genuine, awesome, unbridled insanity. [Via Zoomin.TV.Games]

Star Wars Commander: Worlds in Conflict Game Trailer

A Star Wars phone game with micro-transactions? Oh man, say it ain’t, so. That name screamed RTS. I sense the Sith behind this… (Via Gamespot)

6 Cruel Things We’ve All Done In Video Games

Sometimes, when it comes to video games, playing evil and doing cruel things can be fun. Most of us (I assume) are good people in real life, and sometimes being a dickwad in a video game is the best way to get those feelings out without it taking a toll on an actual person. Here […]

Fallout 4 Voice Actors: 13,000 Lines of Dialogue Across Two Years

  All you Fallout 4 nuts out there, things just got nuttier. Seems they’ve been working on this massive beast for years behind closed doors without it leaking anywhere: “We were lucky to find two great voice actors, and it’s interesting because she may read things or act things differently than he does. So scenes […]

5 Games That Scream Freedom and Punch Evil in the Face (or Something)

I just saw the title of this video and knew I needed to share it with the Sexy Geeks, so here you go. It is all “Amuricaaaaaaaa” and stuff, so it fits in with the theme of freedom and July 4th weekend or something. Editor’s note: I was supposed to publish this on the fourth […]

Brace Yourselves: Top 5 N.E.S Games of All Time

I would find making a list like this impossible. The top five N.E.S games of all time? How do you even decide? Well, thankfully, someone else did for me. [Via Zoomin.TV.Games]

Fallout 4 Gameplay Exploration and Combat Video

Here’s a cool video showing early exploration outside of Vault 111 – including introductions to characters like Codsworth, Preston Garvey, and Dogmeat. Additionally, see V.A.T.S. gameplay in action, how Power Armor changes your experience, and much more. Pre-Order Fallout 4 on Amazon.com right here! [Bethesda Softworks]

Looks Like Hideo Kojima Predicted His Own Fate Years Ago…

As I am sure many of you have heard, Metal Gear creator and mastermind Hideo Kojima is no longer with Konami. Some say he quit, some speculate a firing, but what we do know is this creative genius will no longer be contributing to Konami games. Between that and Iwata, there’s been some pretty sad […]

Everything Is Just PERFECT Inside This ‘Fallout: Shelter’

So Fallout: Shelter has become the new IT phone to game(sadly, only for iPhones right now), and if you haven’t played it yet, pics like this should help change that. Yup, things are perfect alright. Depending on which of the two guys you ask, that is. Pretty sure the other guy would have a very […]


Commander Shepard, Pluto is in range. Scan? [Via 9GAG]

7 Videogame Hard Modes We Just Can’t Even…

There are some games that have hard modes that are, honestly, just cruel and unusual punishment towards talented players. These modes are often dubbed something like “Extreme” or “Live BY DEATH” mode or something, and they often equate to enemies getting triple hit points or some crap, while you suddenly fall dead after one hit. […]

Remembering Satoru Iwata Through His Amazing Accomplishments

What can we even say about the loss of Satoru Iwata? This is a massive loss for the industry and nerd culture as a whole. Thing is, we should not focus on the loss of the man. Instead, we should honor him through his work and remarkable accomplishments, like he would want. And honestly, a […]