‘Half-Life 3’ Easter Eggs Hidden in ‘Mad Max’

Just glad this Imgur user was keen enough to discover them. Poor Gordon. I guess that confirms no three, or does it confirm the “bad ending?”

Top 10 LAN Party Games

Much LAN. Such wow. Fun! WatchMojo

Dear Nintendo: Please Make This Happen?!

Some brilliant Imgur user posted this and we could not agree more. Nintendo, how about some more “makers” or “remixers” for old games? We would eat it up!

The Nintendo Knitting Machine: Mind Officially Blown

This ad is not a joke. Found on Imgur earlier today, I did some digging, and sure enough, this thing was very close to actually existing. Although we may laugh at the prospect now, imagine all the nerdy and or tasteless sweaters we could have made for ourselves and friends. I almost wish this DID […]

Game Boy Guitar Plays Two Ways

This amazing creation by a user at the Bit Fix Gaming boards is both a functional electric guitar and a working Game Boy emulator. Not only do the buttons control the game, but A and B also act as dials to control the tone and volume of the guitar. Bit Fix Gaming

Princess Problems: Well THAT Would Have Saved A LOT Of Time

Thanks. That makes my life a little easier. Really grateful we didn’t have to go through this seven more times. (Imgur)

D20 Dice Slide [Video]

Thanks to GaS reader Conrad from Empirical Innovation for sharing his dice slide tool for tabletop gaming. It’s designed to make it easy to roll all the dice in the D20 system and get random results without worrying about dice going off the table or knocking over game components. Check out the Empirical Innovation page […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 27% Off Catan 5th Edition – $35.99 + FREE Shipping

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, get the 5th edition of Catan for just $35.99 plus free shipping. If you don’t have that awesome game, now is the time to get it because I’ve never seen it this low. Catan (aka The Settlers of Catan) has been awarded with “Game of the Year,” […]

GTA V Meets True Detective [Video]

If  you thought True Detective’s version of Los Angeles and its surroundings was more reminiscent of GTA V’s Los Santos, you aren’t alone. This recreation of the TV show’s title sequence uses video editing effects, but all the source material comes from the game.

That Moment When You See A Car That ‘Gets It’

Ah. nerd culture. We truly have taken over the world, as this car’s perfect sticker placement proves. (Imgur)

If Video Game Characters Had Twitter [Video]

An insightful look into what our feed would be like if video game characters tweeted. [The Warp Zone]

Top 10 Souls Series Bosses

The bosses in video games are often some of the most memorable (and often most frustrating and most rewarding at same time) parts of video games. We never forget the way they lumber on-screen and freak us out. But no game strikes up sweaty horror in nerds when it comes to video game bosses quite […]