Mario & Luigi: Prank War [Video]


This is what turns Mario Bros. into Mario foes. [Dorkly]

CS Student Remakes HD Version of Super Mario 64’s First Level [Video]


Let’s-a-go! This is a project built in Unity 3D, a recreation of Mario 64’s first level, Bob-Omb Battlefield. I originally built this to demonstrate the Super Character Controller, a custom character controller written for Unity, but I got a little carried away. The project is open source and can be downloaded by anybody and used […]

10 Video Games Coming in 2015 That We Are Genuinely Excited About


It seems like 2015 will the year the eighth generation of consoles finally finds its stride. Let’s be honest here, so far there hasn’t been that one must-buy game for them yet, but that looks all set to change in the forthcoming year. We thought we would take a quick look at some of the […]

Going Up [Comic] [Animated GIF]

You definitely don’t want Honda to take the elevator with you! Bad idea! Be sure to check out I AM ARG! for more awesome comics. [Source: I AM ARG! | Via Dueling Analogs]

4 Games We Are Probably Not Getting


I know I am in 100% denial, but that is the beauty of denial. I am okay with it. Despite what this great video implies, I refuse to give up my dream that I will one day play Rockstar’s promised Agent game. I don’t care, I will not let that dream die, no many how […]

The Best ‘Battlefield: Hardline’ Glitches


Sometimes, video game glitches can make a game even more insane and fun. When a glitch hampers your progression, it sucks. But when a glitch is purely visible or can benefit you in some way, they are actually kind of awesome and be hilarious to witness. Gameranx assembled some of their favorite from the most […]

The 5 Best Free Flight Simulators


We all wish we could fly. The freeing experience must be amazing, but the genuine risk of death keeps many of us from actually doing it in real life. Well, good news to you couch pilots. This is a list of all the free flight simulators that are actually worth playing. So get your barf […]

Are There Pokeballs Hidden in Super Mario Galaxy?


Pokeballs in Super Mario Galaxy? Okay, you got me. I’m intrigued. Could there be truth to this urban gaming legend? I don’t want to ruin it for you, just watch the video. Regardless, if you are a fan of Mario and this great game, there are definitely some things you will learn in this video […]

A Boy and His Kite: Amazing Unreal Engine 4 at Work


The Unreal engine has always been an amazing and beneficial tool for game creators. Every time they release a new, updated version of their engine, they often release a sort of tech demo, too, highlighting just what the engine can do. In this case, Epic Games released a short film made using the engine, called […]

The Walking Dead as a 16-Bit Video Game (Seasons 3 & 4) [Video]


After releasing their 16-bit-style version of the first and second season of The Walking Dead, CineFix is back with season 3 and 4! No quarters required! [CineFix]

Gaming Gets A Cultural Center


A national videogame arcade will open tomorrow in the UK — and it’s arcade in the sense of cultural rather than coin-op. The facility is in Nottingham, a city that already holds an annual GameCity festival that’s included everything from a Sega game music concert to games awards judged by non-gamers. The city’s gaming heritage […]

YouTube Takes On Twitch Livestreaming Service


YouTube is said to be relaunching its livestreaming service with a change in focus from sporting events to video gaming, making it a challenge to the likes of Twitch. The site started live broadcasts in 2010 but, although they still exist, they’ve been heavily downplayed in recent years. Events have largely been either public speeches […]