Announcing Jim Henson’s Labyrinth – The Adventure Game!

I just received the news via the River Horse newsletter that the company would be releasing an RPG based on the world of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth in 2019! Here’s the part that should interest you guys:

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth – The Adventure Game contains everything you need to enter the magical world of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. This beautiful collectors item contains a full epic adventure which can be played both by expert roleplayers using their favourite RPG rules system, and by fans of the Labyrinth who are not roleplayers, using the streamlined rules system included in the book!

Other details by Twitter user Questing Beast, who was hired to work on the game:

It’s being created by River Horse Games, who have created the overall structure and mechanics. I’m writing 90% of the adventure, which will be most of the book. 90 interlinked scenes full of OSR-style challenges. Definitely not OSR rules, though.

You’ll only get to see about 1/3 of the scenes on each run, as you roll a die to see which scene you discover next. Linking the scenes create a new Labyrinth map with each playthrough. Almost every scene has random generators that add new twists, so no two games will be the same.

Mechanics are very simple, perfect for new players and new DMs (excuse me, “Goblin Kings”), and there’s a 13 hour clock slowly ticking down throughout the adventure. Don’t beat the game in time and you LOSE. Start over and try to get farther.

Tons of attention is being paid to layout. Each scene is a two page spread, with everything you need to know right there in front of you. You’ll use a bookmark to track your progress through the book as you solve more challenges.

It’s going to be packed with Brian Froud art from The Goblins of Labyrinth, as well as a number of other illustrators. River Horse is working to make sure that the book is of a ridiculously high quality that rivals the best OSR books coming out.

There’s going to be an owl on the page number, and when you flip through the book it flaps its wings. And yes, the book will probably have a hole where you can store your dice.

The River Horse website still hasn’t included the news yet, but I guess a section featuring the game should soon appear.

[River Horse]

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