The Caves in ‘Skyrim’ Versus The Caves in ‘The Witcher’ Series

This meme taken from Imgur, as funny as it is, sort of sums up what is wrong with gaming right now. Real talk here. Gamers played Skyrim and complained about how each cave seemed to have an opening and a (rather conveniently placed) exit. But, same gamers get The Witcher 3, with its intricate and realistic […]


You know, that moment in Skyrim when you find thistle (ALL THE THISTLE), and realize, little else matters. Come on! We have ALL been there at least once. Right? RIGHT!!??? (Imgur)

Shooter Logic: The Knife Is Always The Deadliest Weapon

Make no mistakes. The reason the melee weapon in shooter games is always the strongest is because they want to emphasize that it takes a certain amount of skill to take an enemy out up close like that. Problem is, this tends to result in balance issues with the game play. It is just odd […]

Daily Fallout: Shelter: We Could Do Without The Sarcasm, Man

You cats know I love Fallout: Shelter and I know a great many of you do, too, which is why I am constantly on the hunt for hilarious Fallout: Shelter memes or screen-caps. Anyone who has played this game knows, the characters tend to say some things at not the most keen of moments. But […]

Is It Friday Already: Something Seems Off In This ‘Fallout: Shelter’

There are some Vaults you never want to visit in Fallout: Shelter. Something about seeing Jason (Nathan?) tells me this Shelter would be one of those. Maybe just skip this one and raid the next one. This one seems all set… (Imgur)

Making The Most Of 8-Bit Graphics

In the first of a new series, the iBookGuy explores how game designers managed to overcome the limitations of graphic capabilities in machines such as the NES and Commodore 64. [Spotted by: Laughing Squid]

Pac-Man Solid: You’ve Been Spotted…..

I hate that moment when you are playing Metal Gear and you realize you’ve been spotted by Pac-Man. Wait a second….. (Via Imgur)

Mad Max-style GoKart Paintball War

Amazing promotional video for the upcoming game, filmed in 6K resolution at Green River, Utah.

Still The Best ‘Mass Effect’ Meme Ever

Mordin, I still miss you. But man, when you were on point, you were ON POINT! *Puts on glasses (Via Imgur)

16 Minutes of Dark Souls 3 Gameplay – Gamescom 2015

Everyone loves the Dark Souls series, right (slight sarcasm)? Well, here is 16 minutes of gameplay from Dark Souls 3, from this year’s Gamescom. Looks Dark Souls-y. (Via IGN)

5 Final Fantasy Fan Theories That CHANGE EVERYTHING

Final Fantasy is one of the game franchises that are awash in fan theories thinking this means that and that means this. Reality is, we are all just probably overthinking and over-evaluating these games. Regardless, it makes for some interesting fan theories. Here are some of the most interesting Final Fantasy fan theories, via Gameranx.

Mortal Kombat Scorpion Prank [Video]

Thankfully this resulted in no fatalities. (Though be warned, there’s some fruity but bleeped language.)