Mario Lives: An A.I. Mario Plays Itself In ‘Super Mario World’ Like a Person Would


Just read the above title a few times and try to process it. If you brain cannot wrap around the concept, maybe this will help. German researchers have developed an AI that allows Mario to experience emotions and act autonomously in response to them. The AI also understands voice instructions and questions. It’s sophisticated enough […]

Video Games Gone Missing: Where are They Now?


For a gamer, few things suck more than when an awesome video game gets announced, they show you some killer footage, and then the game just vanishes into obscurity. You never hear another word or see another shot and you find yourself wondering what happened to that ONE game you were drooling over. Last Guardian, […]

Top 10 Most Wanted Video Game HD Remakes


Graphics aren’t everything, but sometimes those classic old games just need a new coat of paint. [Watch Mojo]

These Female Link Cosplay Photos are Nothing Short of Spectacular! [Pics]


Sure, there are plenty of ladies cosplaying as Link on the Internet, but Talia Mira‘s version has to be among the best ones I’ve seen. Plus, the amazing talent of Australian photographer Beethy and the enchanting setting where these photos were taken make the whole photo set absolutely perfect. [Model and Costume: Talia Mira Cosplay […]

The Day Link Got on a Plane [Video]


Bringing Link aboard a plane might not be such a good idea… [The Warp Zone]

Honest Game Trailer: Resident Evil


From Smosh Games: From the company whose idea of a next gen Mega Man is putting him in Smash Bros, comes the first game in the franchise that defined survival horror, then turned into a comedy – Resident Evil. [Smosh Games]

Epic Elder Scrolls Online Cinematic Trailer Announces End of Monthly Fees + PS4 and Xbox One Release Date


Looks like Bethesda is finally removing the monthly subscription fee on their Elder Scrolls Online game and will be releasing it for the PS4 and Xbox One as well! Beginning June 9th, you can join your friends on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to play The Elder Scrolls Online – Tamriel Unlimited… with no game […]

10 Cheesy ‘Resident Evil’ Lines Rewritten for the Remake


The one thing most avid gamers can agree on is that the voice work and dialogue in the original PlayStation version of Resident Evil was atrocious. So much so, in fact, it caused moments of the game to mistakenly tread into “so bad it’s funny” territory. Well good news for fans who’ve been clamoring to […]

Watch Young Man Walk Through the Evolution of Video Games


PixelStorm Films with Joe Murayama put together this dazzling short of what it would be like for a young man to walk through the evolution of gaming over the years. From Mario to Minecraft, it’s all here, and makes me wish I was the dude walking through it. [H/T to LaughingSquid]

Amazon Deals of the Day: $10 Blu-Rays, Up to 50% Off Puzzles, Super Cheap HDMI Cables and MORE!


–Over 350 Blu-Ray Movies at LESS THAN $10 Each! –Today only, Save up to 50% off on select puzzles –70% Off on Prison Break Season 1 to 4 – $139.98 $41.99 (70% Off) –AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable (6.5 Feet) – $7.99 $5.49 (31% Off) –Sennheiser MM30i Headphones – $59.95 $24.99 (58% Off)

Exploding Kittens: A New Card Game by the Creator of “The Oatmeal”


“Exploding Kittens” is an upcoming game by The Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman that is currently up for funding on kickstarter. Just 20 minutes after being launched, the game reached its kickstarting goal, and then busted the 1000% mark after just an hour! As I’m writing this, the project has received over $1,123,466! Exploding Kittens is […]