The Next Chapter of Our Lives [Comic]


Yep, that’s still a few decades away for me, but I’m looking forward to it! :) [Source: Lunar Baboon | Like Lunar Baboon on Facebook | Follow Lunar Baboon on Twitter]

The Year in News: What Happened Next (Stories From November-December 2014)


Concluding our look back at the stories we covered during 2014 and what happened next, we turn to November. The Unicode Consortium, which develops standards to make sure characters appear consistently across different software and systems, unveiled proposals for changes to emoji, a system of characters for expressing emotions. It suggested the option to choose between […]

Top 10 Best Video Games of 2014


These games are the reason why you stayed up all night with the glow of your console keeping you and your friends company. Join Watchmojo as they countdown their picks for the Top 10 Video Games of 2014. [Watch Mojo]

I’ve Been Doing This for 25 Years! [Comic]


[Source: Sara Zimmerman – Unearthed Comics | Like “Unearthed Comics” on Facebook]

Nostalgia Defined [Comic]


Yep, that’s what nostalgia is all about. [Source: Comics By Kotor | Via Dueling Analogs]

The Original Pac Man Theme done in 10 Different Styles [Video]


From D Wave: Since the Pac Man Original Theme is only 5 seconds long, I recorded these 5 seconds in ten different styles! What’s your favourite? :) [D Wave]

Smash Wars: The Triforce Awakens


A fun parody trailer that mashes up Star Wars Episode VII (The Force Awakens) with Super Smash Bros to create “Smash Wars: The Triforce Awakens.” [TGN]

A Very Merry Portal Christmas [Video]


Note: The beginning of the video isn’t bad, but the best part starts at 5:00. Nothing beats a choir of turrets singing a Christmas song! :) [Harry101UK]

Skyrim in a Nutshell [Video]


From Ferhod: This project was actually close to completion before I even started my previous video, but I ended up postponing it several times. At long last, it was coincidentally finished on Christmas. You can’t exactly put it under the tree, but here’s my present for you! [Ferhod]

The Year in News: What Happened Next (Stories From March-April 2014)


As we continue our look back on the stories we covered in 2014 — and the subsequent developments — we reach March. A group of more than a million players joined forces to beat Pokemon Red/Blue through a project that translated chat room comments into commands on a game broadcast over Twitch. That inspired similar […]

2014 in Gaming: The Year in Under 2 Minutes


From Malcolm Klock: 2014 has been an intense time for games. It has been a year of big delays, messy launches, and non-stop controversy. It has also been a year in which both AAA and indie developers produced innumerable games that overflowed with both artistry and ambition. This is a celebration of their work, and […]

“A Christmas Story” (The Movie) as a 16-Bit Video Game [Video]


From CineFix: Today we present Ralphie’s epic quest to receive a Red Ryder carbine action 200 shot range model air rifle… in the form of an 8 bit video game! It’s almost as exciting as winning a Major Award!! [CineFix]