MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED – Crafting Link’s Legendary Hylian Shield in Real Life [Video]


Wow. Just wow. This is hands down the most beautiful Hylian shield replica I have ever seen. Kudos to the Stagmer brothers of the Baltimore Knife and Sword Armoury for the amazing work! Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman will be building some of your favorite weapons, and some weapons that you’ve […]

6 Baffling Puzzles From the 90’s Some Gamers Still Haven’t Solved


There is nothing worse than flowing through a video game with laser like precision and then coming to a dead halt because of an insane puzzle you can’t get past. It ruins pacing, and sucks the fun out, plain and simple. Here are some devious puzzles from the 90’s some of us STILL haven’t solved. […]

Nope, this is Not a Real NES Console, It’s a Cake! [Pic]


This may look like an actual NES console at first glance, but it’s not! It’s a real cake! The cake was made for Vanessa and Chris Harding’s wedding by Geelong, Australia-based bakery Cara Mia Cake. [Source: Cara Mia Cake | Via TN]

“Batman: Arkham Knight” Gets Delayed…Again [VIDEO]

Arkham Knight_officer down

Initially slated for an October 2014 release, Batman: Arkham Knight, the final installment in the Arkham game series, was then moved to June 2, 2015. Now, Rocksteady Games says they’ve had to push it back three weeks to June 23. According to Game Director Sefton Hill: “Batman: Arkham Knight will now launch worldwide on June […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 67% Off Assassin’s Creed Unity (PS4/Xbox One/PC) – $19.99


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has Assassin’s Creed Unity for the PS4, Xbox One, or PC for just $19.99. That’s 67% off on the game’s regular list price of $59.99. For those wondering, yes, the game is stable now, thanks to a fifth patch that was released mid-February. For centuries, France […]

10 Gaming Hacks Everyone Should Know

Games E3 Surveillance

When it comes to gaming, you don’t have to be a hacker to know how to hack some video games. You just need to know these ten tips. [Image via, vid via Gameranx]

POP PSYCH: Super Mario Goes To Therapy [Video]


In this episode of Pop Psych, a web show that analyzes what’s wrong with various fictional characters, hostess Tessa Goss takes a good look at the inside of Mario’s mind and explains why Mario keeps on doing the same thing over and over again throughout most of his games. [Wisecrack]

This Final Fantasy XV Summon Will Blow Your Mind with Awesomeness [Video]


Watch as one of the characters from the upcoming Final Fantasy XV summons Ramuh, a recurring character and summoned creature from the Final Fantasy universe. As most recurring summons have, Ramuh has maintained the same basic appearance across the series with minor variations. Ramuh typically appears as an old man with a large beard and […]



[Source: Comics by Kotor]

Why Does Mario Run To The Right?


A psychologist believes side-scroller characters like Mario move from left to right because people have a bias towards depicting movement in that direction. Why exactly that should be is not so clear. Dr Peter Walker of Lancaster University in the United Kingdom explored the topic in an article for the journal Perception titled: “Depicting visual […]

Pyro’s Night at Freddy’s [Short Film]


Pyro from Team Fortress 2 gets a job as a security guard and makes some new friends… [Recursive Sweatpants]

PAX East 2015: A COSPLAY and GAMES Music Video


A fantastic video from my pals over at Beat Down Boogie showcasing some of the best cosplay and video games at PAX East 2015. [beatdownboogie]