Batman Arkham VR Trailer Including Game Footage [Video]

The first full trailer for the game, which coming in October, shows both (very brief) game footage and player reactions. The big downside, though, is that according to Game Tyrant it’s going to be more of a low-cost “experience” product than a full-fledged major game.

Deal of the Day: Save BIG on Computer and Gaming Accessories (Keyboards + Mice, Computer Backpacks, Gaming Headsets, and MORE!)

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon is offering some great deals on various computer and gaming accessories such as various keyboard, mice, computer backpacks (including messenger bag,) gaming headsets, and a lot more! –Save BIG on Computer Accessories Other Deals –Up to 60% Off Luggage, Backpacks & More –Save 35% on iOttie […]

Gamer Problems Then & Now [Comic]

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Spotify’s New Gaming Portal Is Awesome (and Long Overdue)

Video game music is awesome (as any gamer can attest to) and in many ways, trumps even big budget movies for the genuine emotions they can invoke in the player. But to listen to game soundtracks you would have to play the game or buy the actual soundtrack on disc (which was not always easy […]

The World’s First Pokémon Go Helmet

Warning: F bomb near the end of the video. From Simone Giertz: I made a helmet with a smartphone case so that you can walk with your phone in front of your face without any hassle and play Pokémon Go. Who needs interacting with people anyway. [Simone Giertz]

31 Amazing Feelings In Board Games [Video]

Spelling a dirty word in Scrabble? Yep, totally! Also: CROSSFIRE! [Buzzfeed]

Just What Is This Old Gameboy Ad Trying to Say?

Even as someone who has been a gamer geek his whole life, nope. This would not happen, for many reasons. Main one being when a geek lands a girl who really likes him, last thing he (or she, or whatever) wants to do is something THIS extreme and scaring them off. Though the image is funny, […]

Pokemon Go Fan Makes Themed Mobile Charger

Pokemon Go can be a real battery drainer, which inspired fan Spencer Kern to create this Pokemon Center-themed solar generator. It looks a bit bulky for solo use but as it has enough power to charge around 10-12 phones at once, it’s perfect for hunting in a pack. Check out Spencer’s full design report at