Have You Seen The Boston Snow Tunnel for Cyclists?

What do you do when you are a cyclist in Boston right now and need to ride your bike, but the streets and sidewalks have about three feet of snow? Well, you build a snow tunnel, of course.

These folks aren’t professional engineers. As far as anyone can tell, they simply saw a whopping pile of snow, grabbed shovels and started digging. This kind of “get ‘er done” attitude inspires you to give up on government agencies and just do it yourself. Of course, it also brings to mind newscasts that begin, “Several cyclists were killed today when….”

Seem some people trashed it over the weekend. It is Boston, after all, and us massholes do like to destroy things. The city itself may be responsible, though, to keep themselves from being sued if the thing collapsed in by chance. Still a cool way to show the world nothing can stop a true Bostonian. Not even ten feet of solid snow.

[Image via Telegraph, Story Via Wired]

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