Jon Barrowman Cosplays as Squirrel Girl, Harley Quinn And Zapp Brannigan at SDCC 2016

From Jon Barrowman’s Twitter profile and Comic-Con HQ. Behold: Yes Squirrel Girl happened @Comic_Con #SDCC #EisnerAwards #cosplay #jbstyle JB — John Barrowman MBE (@Team_Barrowman) July 23, 2016 Introducing Matt Groening in style @Comic_Con #EisnerAwards #SDCC #lovespanx #cosplay #jbstyle — John Barrowman MBE (@Team_Barrowman) July 23, 2016 .@Team_Barrowman's next number at the Eisner Awards? […]

This Man Can Transform Himself into Almost Any “Game of Thrones” Character

In about half a day, actor and TV host Paolo Ballesteros can transform himself into almost any female “Game of Thrones” character using makeup and a wig. Seriously, check this guy out, I don’t know how he does it, but he’s super talented. Impressive… most impressive! They’re all very good, but Arya stark could look […]

Adam Savage’s Love Letter to Cosplay

You all know Adam Savage for his role as one of the hosts of Mythbusters and for his ability to build some of the most complex and elaborate costumes you’ve ever seen. But do you know how he became the man he is today? Find out in this TED talk that takes a look at […]

Thinkgeek’s Big Comic-Con Prep Sale – Up to 50% Off on Apparel and Cosplay Stuff!

Just a quick message to let you guys know that Thinkgeek is currently holding a big sale offering up to 50% off on a large selection of apparel and cosplay stuff. Be sure to check it out right here, including their super awesome Star Trek: TNG swimsuits! [Thinkgeek’s Big Comic-Con Prep Sale – Up to […]

This Garthim Cosplay from The Dark Crystal is PERFECT [Pics + Video]

Cosplayer Ryan Wells looks amazing (and super creepy) in his Garthim costume from “The Dark Crystal.” The whole outfit took two full months to build (From April 21st to July 7th.) Be sure to check out the video featuring Ryan walking around in his costume at the bottom of this post! Photography by Jeff Hinds. […]

This Wonder Woman Collar Necklace is Wonderful!

The highly reflective and top quality metal Wonder Woman Symbol Collar Necklace is a super cool necklace that will allow your neck to be adorned with the beauty and wisdom of DC Comics’ Princess from Paradise Island! That’s a bit of a misnomer come to think of it…sure, Wonder Woman may be a princess but […]

Montreal Comiccon 2016 Cosplay in Pictures: The Leftover Edition

I published most of my pics from Montreal Comiccon on Sunday and Monday (Part I – Part II), but since a lot of you guys have been asking for your photos, I decided to put the rest of the good ones online. If we took a photo of you and it does not appear in […]

MASTERFUL Low Cost Cosplay: Mercy from Overwatch [Pic]

Seriously, this cheap Mercy cosplay from Overwatch from the dude behind the “Lowcostcosplay” Facebook page is nothing shot of brilliant. His use of perspective to create the effect of wings on his costume is masterful! :) [Source: Lowcostcosplay]

This Dancing Mask Cosplayer Stole the Show at Montreal Comiccon 2016 [Video]

Cosplayers Simon Fontaine and Michele Paul totally stole the show while at Montreal Comiccon 2016. Unfortunately, even though they danced a few times during the day, I totally missed their performance! :(   [CitynetMagazine]

Montreal Comiccon 2016 Cosplay in Pictures – Part II [Gallery]

As mentioned yesterday, I was at Montreal Comiccon 2016 last weekend and took plenty of photos of the fabulous costumes that could be seen at the event. Since I had so many, I divided this post in two parts. Here is the second batch! As always, if you recognize yourself in one of these, be […]

These Four Filipina Cosplayers Rock as The New Ghostbusters! [Pics + Video]

Filipina cosplayers Alodia Gosiengfiao, Daph Cortes, Izabel Cortez and Leny Ming look totally fabulous as the new Ghostbusters! Anything that Alodia participates in is usually amazing, so I’m not really surprised. Photography by Jio Verona. Costumes by Badj Genato. Proton packs by Jeasan Declaro. [Via FG]

Montreal Comiccon 2016 Cosplay in Pictures – Part I [Gallery]

Another year, another edition of Montreal Comiccon! As I’ve been doing since 2011, I was on location once again this year along with my photographer friend Patrick-Michel Dagenais to snap some shots of the best costumes the con had to offer, and as usual, I was not disappointed. I also ran into many of you […]