This Fallout 4 Cosplay is Hilarious and Awesome [Pic]

After seeing one of the Fallout 4 gameplay trailer that was released this summer (watch below,) a cosplayer decided to recreate one of the costumes he saw in the footage. The only thing missing from the outfit is the pocket kerchief! [Via Reddit | FG]

This Crusader (Diablo III) Cosplay is Absolutely Glorious! [Pics]


Cosplayer Naomi Von Kreeps looks super badass in her self-made Crusader costume from Diablo III. Photo by Rebel Photography. “I’ve probably lost years of my life playing Diablo 2 and 3 and I have been wanting to make a cosplay based on a d3 class since it came out in 2012. When Reaper of Souls […]

Mjoll the Lioness Jumps Right Out of the Screen With This Skyrim-Inspired Cosplay [Pics]


Cosplayer April Gloria looks absolutely stunning as Mjoll the Lioness, a Nord vigilante that is part of the Skyrim/Elder Scrolls universe. The costume was entirely created by April and her husband using Volpin Props‘ Wonderflex tutorial. Hunting bow from PVC Armory. Source: April Gloria

This “Yennefer of Vengerberg” Cosplay from Witcher III Will Enchant You [Pics]


Sure there are plenty of Witcher III cosplay around on the web right now, but Niamash‘s take on Yennefer of Vengerberg is especially good, and the photos from Catherine Badulina are as equally awesome. Cosplayer: Niamash Photography: Catherine Badulina

Goku Travels on a Flying Nimbus at DragonCon 2015 (Video)


Dragon Con has a Goku with a flying nimbus and light up hands! [FUNimation]

This Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay by Luna Lanie Looks Beautifully Insane


Luna Lanie looks absolutely stunning as Harley Quinn from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, and I have to say, the photos from Martin Wong are as equally beautiful. Model and Costume: Luna Lanie Photography: Martin Wong

DragonCon 2015 Cosplay in Pictures [Gallery]


Once again, DragonCon took place during Labor Day weekend this year, and as usual, we’ve got some pictures of some of our favorite cosplays taken on the con’s floor by photographers who were kind enough to share their pictures via Creative Commons! Many thanks to Pat Loika and Ethan Trewhitt for the awesome photos! [Source: […]

A Final Fantasy Wedding [Video]


Grace and Chris recently got married, and since they are both big fans of the Final Fantasy franchise, they decided to have a Final Fantasy-themed wedding. A lot of people who participated were dressed as characters from the games, including the bride who was wearing Princess Garnet’s coronation gown from FFIX, the bridesmaids who were […]

The Makeup Artist With a Thousand Faces [Pics]


California-based artist and cosmetologist extraordinaire Argenis Pinal is amazingly talented at sculpting his body (and the body of others) into works of art. Here is a quick gallery of some of the amazing superhero-themed body paints he’s done on himself, going from human to superhuman, and from male to female, thanks to the power of […]

Wonderful Wonder Woman Cosplay (Justice League: War Edition) [Pics]


Cosplayer Lady Lemon looks absolutely gorgeous as Wonder Woman wearing her costume from Justice League: War. Photography by Fernando Brischetto from Photographes Sans Frontieres. Cosplayer: Lady Lemon Cosplay Photographer: Fernando Brischetto

Something Better: A Cosplay Music Video Filmed at Anime California 2015


Nerd Reactor hits up Anime California 2015 to Audien and Lady Antebellum’s “Something Better. Lip syncing, dancing, and cosplay galore! [Nerd Reactor]