An Adorable (And Affordable!) Hand-Knit “The Child” Costume for Babies

Since Halloween will be there in just a little over a month, here is a costume idea for all you new parents out there who are also fans of The Mandalorian: A hand-knit “The Child” costume for babies! And the best part? For a hand-knit costume, it’s just a little over $25 on Amazon! The […]

The Amazing Cosplay of Carmen V. Estrada [Gallery]

Sure, there are plenty of cosplayers around the world, but among them, there are a select few who take the art of costuming to the next level. One such cosplayer is Carmen V. Estrada, who I had the chance to meet quite a few times in various conventions in the past years. Not only is […]

Man Crafts Amazing Anime Cat Costumes [Gallery]

Japanese artist and Twitter user YagyouNEKO is a big time fan of most things anime, and he also happens to be into costume crafting… and cats. So one day he got up and decided to combine his three passions into a single thing. Behold the awesomeness of his cat costumes. [YagyouNEKO on Twitter | Via […]

You Can Own This Bionic Armored T-Rex Costume With Gatling Guns [Pics + Video]

I’m not even joking, this bionic armored t-rex costume with gatling guns is actually for sale, and it can be yours for the measly sum of *ahem*, $7590. Here’s the official description (below the video,) which has likely been passed through Google translate… or something. Once your gig this 6 meters giant armored bionic skin […]

A Warhammer Ultramarines Cosplay That Uses Space Suit Technology [Video]

From Nadio: Say hello to Jeremy and behold his insane Ultramarine cosplay at Otakon! This man was epic! He and his Warhammer cosplay buddies were the stars of the con on Saturday during Otakon 2019. Jeremy’s attention to detail was bonkers. The more I shot his cosplay, the more impressed I was with the many, […]

BIG FACE MASK SALE: All Our Super Geeky Face Masks are Just $8 or LESS!

Hey geeks! We are currently holding a big mask sale! All our geeky face masks are currently priced at just $8! With many businesses, schools, and public transportation services now requiring that people wear masks, now is the perfect time to purchase a few! If you buy 4, the price drops down to just $6 […]

Jodie Whittaker and David Tenant Judge Stay-at-Home Doctor Who Cosplay Contest

James Corden invites ‘Doctor Who’ superfans from the internet to participate in a cosplay competition, recreating characters from their home, and he surprises the participants with judges Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant, who show up in their own costumes. [The Late Late Show with James Corden | Via Syfy Wire]