The Spectacular Cosplay of Blizzcon 2016 [Picture Gallery]

Pretty much everyone in the geek community is a fan of at least one Blizzard game, and people cosplaying characters from these games always seem to go above and beyond to create some of the most perfect costumes you can see in conventions. Blizzon 2016, Blizzard’s “official” gaming convention, happened last week, and as usual, […]

Blizzcon 2016 Most Epic Cosplays [Video]

From Sneaky Zebra: Blizzcon 2016, showing off some of the most epic, clever and gigantic cosplays of the convention scene so of course we couldn’t resist grabbing our camera and try to show off all the talented people as best we could. Featuring cosplays from Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo […]

The Story of the Robin Suit in Batman v Superman [Pics + Video]

The Robin Suit in BvS has always been a bit of a mystery, there was no explanation to it, how it got there or what happened to the boy wonder. We hoped there would be some deleted scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad, sadly nothing materialized. So here is hoping […]

Cosplay + Fun + Beach = Oni-Con 2016 [Video]

Located in Galveston, Texas, Oni-Con is a pop culture and multi-genre fan expo that is located at the Galvestion Island Convention Center at The San Luis Resort, which is directly beside the beach. Seeing this makes me want to move south 6 months per year where there probably won’t be any snow this winter. Now […]

The Cosplay of Geekfest Montreal 2016 [Photo Gallery]

The 6th edition of Geekfest Montreal is currently being held at the “Collège de Maisonneuve” in Montreal, and I was on location yesterday to chat with some old friends, take pictures of people in costumes, and listen to some amazing video game music by a local geek band named Tortuga. There was also a lot […]

The Most AMAZING Majin Buu (From Dragon Ball) EVER! [Pics]

Artist “Sosenka” describes herself as “amateurish,” but as I’m sure you’ll notice after looking at her amazing Majin Buu (from Dragon Ball) cosplay, she’s way closer to being a professional than a simple amateur. This is probably the most detailed and true to the show costume I have ever seen. Be sure to check out […]

Los Angeles Comic Con 2016: A Cosplay Music Video by Sneaky Zebra

A new video filmed last weekend at Los Angeles Comic Con 2016 by my pals at Sneaky Zebra. This one was made in partnership with the folks at Lootcrate! Nick and Gary are truly the best on the Internet (and on Youtube) when it comes to filming Cosplay music video. If you haven’t subscribed to […]

HALLOWEEN 2016: Geeks are Sexy Readers’ Costumes Picture Gallery

As I do each year, I asked Geeks are Sexy readers and friends (both here and on Facebook) to send in pictures of their Halloween costumes, and as usual, I received A LOT of submissions! Unfortunately, I just cannot post them all, but here is a selection of some of my favorites for your viewing […]

The Cosplay We’ve All Been Waiting For…HOCUS POCUS! [Pics]

You’re welcome. (And there’s even Billy Butcherson!) These amazing costumes were all created by the very talented Lauren Matesic of Castle Corsetry. Lauren has been crafting beautiful corsets since 2009 and is still in operation today! Be sure to check her Etsy store out! -Photography by Joits Photography Models: -Winifred and Sarah Sanderson by Birds […]

This Animated Demogorgon Costume is Scary as Hell [Video]

#strangerthings #irvingtonhalloweenfestival #indy #costume #demogorgon #irvhalloween A post shared by Carl Leck (@cblimagery) on Oct 29, 2016 at 5:57pm PDT —— This has to be one of the scariest Halloween costumes I have ever seen. Sure, I’ve seen other people dressed as the Demogorgon on the Internet, but this is the first time I’ve seen […]

Costume Party [Comic]

Yep, we’re looking at you, National Treasure, The Core, Independence Day, and every other disaster movie out there! We’re totally fine with you guys, however, you make costume parties easier! If ever someone invites me to a costume party this year, I’ll know what to wear this year! I have a Scorpion costume, but it’s […]


The top dogs of Halloween. #DogsterStrange #NoPugIntended — Doctor Strange (@DrStrange) October 28, 2016 Behold the majesty of Dogster Strange. No pug intended. So yeah, Marvel has just released this promo spot for the upcoming Doctor Strange movie. It features Benedict Cumberbatch presenting the Pooch avengers along with pug dressed as Doctor Strange. The […]