Montreal Comiccon 2017 Cosplay in Pictures – Saturday [Gallery]

As promised on Friday evening after posting my first post featuring some of the best cosplayers at Montreal Comiccon 2017, here are my photos from the event from Saturday. As usual, my photographer friend Patrick-Michel Dagenais was there along with me, and we took some pretty good shots! The final part of the photos (Sunday) […]


Montreal Comiccon 2017 Cosplay in Pictures – Friday! [Gallery]

Yesterday marked the start of the 12th edition of Montreal Comiccon (2017), and as I’ve been doing since 2011, I was on site to cover the event for you guys. For this year, I’ll be there the whole weekend, and for the first time, I actually have a small booth! Thanks to Denis from Cinemaniax […]

Anime Expo 2017: The Cosplay Music Video 2017

A fantastic cosplay music video by our friends over at Sneaky Zebra featuring some of the best cosplay they saw while at Anime expo 2017 last weekend in L.A. Check it out! [Sneaky Zebra]

Pro Costume Designer Gushes Over Perfect Wonder Woman Movie Armors

If you’ve seen Wonder Woman, I’m sure you’ve noticed how perfect the Amazons’ armors look. Costume designer Lindy Hemming received plenty of praise for her work on the movie, but to fully appreciate the level of details she has achived, be sure to check out this series of tweets by fellow costume designer Amanda Weaver. […]

The Cosplay of HeroesCon 2017 [Video]

From Beat Down Boogie: Beat Down Boogie’s Blake Faucette and Matthew Sumner recently traveled to HeroesCon, a comic book focused convention in Charlotte, NC. This event continues to attract more amazing cosplayers each year and we were fortunate enough to have many of them take the time to be a part of our video. With […]

Women of the World Pay Tribute to Wonder Woman with Swords #WWGotYourBack

If you’ve seen Wonder Woman, I’m sure you remember that scene where Princess Diana “hides” a sword in her dress by tucking it in the back. Now, women all over the world are paying hommage to the character by doing the exact same thing and putting the pictures online. Warning: Do not do this with […]

The Best Black Adam Cosplay We Have Ever Seen! [Pics]

Cosplayer “Knightmage” is one of the best male cosplayers I have met online, and after receiving some the pics of his new “Black Adam” cosplay, I can easily say that’s I’d totally see him play the role of the character in a future DC movie. Photography by Gwen Graham. [Source: Knightmage]


A-Kon, formerly known as Project: A-Kon, is an anime convention held annually in Fort Worth, Texas usually on the first weekend of June. First held in 1990 with just 380 people in attendance, A-Kon is North America’s longest running national anime convention. The convention was the 2nd largest North American anime convention as of 2016. […]