Amazing Teen Titans Group Cosplay [Pic]

Models: Elizabeth Rage, Hendo Cosplay, Ashlynne Dae, Rian Synnth, chrisvillain. Photo by York in a Box. [Via FG]

The Best Tyrion Lannister Cosplay of All Time [Pic]

As far as Tyrion Lannister cosplays go, this is the best one I’ve ever seen. Game over everyone, I don’t think there’s someone on the surface of this planet that can top this off. Model: Omar Diego Milla Photo: Lenin Tadeo Rodriguez

Spider-Man “Feels Like Batman” in Excellent Music Video from Farooki

An excellent music video from Farooki featuring the very entertaining Spidey Beats. [Farooki | Via GT]

This Fallout 4 Mechanist Cosplay is PERFECT [Pics]

Bill & Britt Doran from Punished props are known in the cosplay world for their amazing props and costumes, and once again, they went above and beyond and created a Mechanist armor from Fallout 4 that looks EXACTLY like the one featured in the game. Please note that the photo on top and the first […]

Sneaky Zebra’s Groovetastic DRAGON CON 2016 Cosplay Music Video

My pals from Sneaky Zebra have just released their cosplay music video for Dragon Con 2016! Check it out! Dragon Con – an amazing gathering of cosplayers and geeks a like having one hell of a party! [Sneaky Zebra]

This Harley Quinn Cosplayer and Margot Robbie Look Almost Like Twins!

After looking at a few of her Instagram pictures, 21-year-old cosplayer infamous_harley_quinn and Margot Robbie could easily be mistaken for identical twins! And on top of that, they’re both Australian as well! Check out the rest of her pics below! Une photo publiée par ♦️Property of Joker♦️ (@infamous_harley_quinn) le 12 Sept. 2016 à 4h03 PDT […]

When Super Mario’s Princess Peach Meets Borderlands [Cosplay Pics]

Cosplayer Helena Steele got up one day and wondered what would happen if Princess Peach would be a Borderlands characters. She then decided that this would need to be a thing and came up with this costume! Une photo publiée par Helena Steele (@helenasteele) le 23 Mai 2016 à 9h26 PDT Une photo publiée par […]

Sports Bras and Boyshorts from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

These officially-licensed Star Wars sports bra and boyshorts from Thinkgeek were designed to fit like a second skin and come in three different models: Darth Vader, R2-D2, and BB-8. If you have trouble getting your butt over to the gym regularly, maybe these will inspire you to go more often? [Star Wars Sports Bra and […]

WANT: Star Trek TOS Dead Red Sublimated T-Shirt

Happy 50th anniversary Star Trek! There’s no better way to celebrate the anniversary of the franchise than by wearing a pre-damaged red shirt that has only be worn once! Available from sizes small to XXX-Large! [Star Trek TOS Dead Red Sublimated T Shirt]

Deadpool Visits a Recruitment Agency [Video]

A local cosplayer and friend of mine is working at a company named “Arobas Personnel,” a local geek focused recruitment agency here in Montreal, QC. The man is also a personal friend of Deadpool, and since the merc with a mouth is always looking for work, he paid the company a little visit. Check it […]

Hasbro Releases Stormtrooper And Death Trooper Voice Changing Helmets [Pics + Video]

With Rogue One coming out this year, Hasbro has started announcing some of the toys that will be released shortly before the movie hits the big screen, including two amazing voice changing helmets, one modeled after the traditional Stormtrooper bucket, and the other one based on Rogue One’s Death Trooper. The stormtrooper helmet is currently […]

Mind-Blowingly Good “Warhammer 40K” Eldar Banshee Cosplay [Pics]

Cosplayer Narga Lifestream looks absolutely perfect as an Eldar Banshee from Warhammer 40K. Apart from the pictures, I’ll also include her “making of” and “behind the scene” videos featuring her amazing costume. Une photo publiée par Natasha (@narga_lifestream) le 1 Sept. 2016 à 5h46 PDT Une photo publiée par Natasha (@narga_lifestream) le 31 Août 2016 […]