Build Your Very Own Lightsaber With These Affordable Star Wars Replica Prop Kits

Want to build your very own lightsaber at home? Based on the official lightsabers from Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader, these faithful replica prop kits by HamiltonProps are 3D printed and designed to be as close to the original screen-used props as plastic will allow.

The kit is printed in incredible detail (0.1 micron layer height), using PLA, with each piece printed in its respective colour. This means, even out of the box you have a pretty accurate looking prop already (though, for a slightly reduced cost, the kit can also be ordered with all parts in a single colour, either printed in white, grey or black, depending on stock, if you have a specific request, please message me beforehand).

For best results though, and with a bit of time and love, this kit can be transformed into something truly spectacular, and really, thats where all of the fun comes in with these 3D printed kits. There are honestly a thousand different ways you can approach finishing something like this (and there are so many wonderful tutorials online too), though if you would like to prep and finish this in a similar manner to the example shown in this listing, I would recommend the following items…

– Wet and Dry Sandpaper 120-800 grit, (ladies nail files can be great for detail sanding too)
– Filler Primer
– Acrylic Paints (I use spray paint to lay down my base coats, and brushes for fine details and weathering)
– Screws, nails, chains, anything abrasive (to beat up and weather the paintwork)
– Clear Matte Lacquer (to protect all that hard work weathering and detailing your prop)

[Star Wars Lightsaber Replica Prop Kits]

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