Costumes Are Not Consent: Combating Cosplayer Harassment

Costumes are not consent. It’s a phrase you may be hearing a lot lately, and one we need to keep talking about. In the past few weeks, the internet has exploded with women speaking up about the treatment we receive at conventions and online. This isn’t a new problem that has suddenly presented itself. The […]

WonderCon 2013 Cosplay in Pictures [Gallery]

While plenty of people were celebrating Easter in the U.S. last weekend, many geeks were busy in Anaheim, CA, at an event that I’m sure plenty of you would find much more interesting: WonderCon! I’ve just scoured Flickr for some CC-licensed photography of the event, and compared to Pax East 2013, there was plenty to […]

My Favorite Cosplay from MegaCon 2013 [Picture Gallery]

Each year MegaCon is invaded by a multitude of geeks and cosplayers, and as usual, 2013 saw its fair share of awesome costumes. One of my favorite cosplay photographer, David Ngo (DTJAAAAM @ Flickr,) was there to cover the event, and he was nice enough to give me his permission to post some of my […]

Emerald City Comic Con 2013 Cosplay in Pictures

Earlier today, I received an email from a reader asking if it would be possible to post some cosplay pictures of this year’s edition of Emerald City Comic Con, so naturally, I had to oblige. While there isn’t as many CC-licensed pictures of the event when compared to other conventions such as NYCC or SDCC, […]

MomoCon 2013: A Cosplay Photo Gallery

Back in December, I attended “Cosplayers on Ice” in Atlanta, Georgia. The costumed ice skating event was sponsored by MomoCon, a family-friendly anime, animation, and video game convention that’s held annually each March. This past weekend, MomoCon celebrated its 8th year and while the convention is still in its infancy, its one of the fastest-growing […]

New York Comic Con 2012 in Pictures – Part 2 [Gallery]

You’ve seen the first part of our gallery from New York Comic Con 2012 (and if you haven’t, it’s here!), so now, here’s part 2 for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough photos left from Michael, our photographer, to do a full gallery, but fortunately, our pals from Aggressive Comics have given us […]

New York Comic Con 2012 in Pictures – Part 1 [Gallery]

Once again this year, occasional [GAS] contributor and NYC resident Michael Tapp was covering New York Comic Con for this weekend, and as with last time, he delivered some awesome photos of the event and its many cosplayers. I invite you all to check out his shots in the picture gallery below. We should also […]