WonderCon 2013 Cosplay in Pictures [Gallery]

Power Girl and Wonder Woman - Picture by Pat Loika - WonderCon 2013

While plenty of people were celebrating Easter in the U.S. last weekend, many geeks were busy in Anaheim, CA, at an event that I’m sure plenty of you would find much more interesting: WonderCon! I’ve just scoured Flickr for some CC-licensed photography of the event, and compared to Pax East 2013, there was plenty to choose from. Many Thanks to Pat Loika, Mooshuu, Rick R. 1, and The Suitcase Studio for sharing their pictures with the world!

[Pat Loika | Mooshuu | Rick R. 1 | The Suitcase Studio]


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  1. WooHoo! Glad to help out. There were SO many amazing people there to photograph; my job was EASY. (And being dressed up as Lady Iron Man that day certainly helped the people flock in front of my camera, as well.) ; )

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