Boba Fett [Ft. The Lovely Liz Katz]

Liz Katz Geeks Are Sexy 3

I really like Liz Katz, and while I know that a few of our Facebook fans have recently expressed doubts about her geekdom (which she addressed quite succinctly,) I know for a fact that she’s a huge geek, and a really nice and kind one at that. A few days ago, Liz sent me a cell phone pic of herself wearing one of our shirts (I believe EPIC is the way she described it,) with more to come she promised. Well geeks, the promised pics are here, and as far as I’m concerned, they’re even more awesome than the shirt itself (even my marvelous wife agrees!) However, I might be biased on the matter, so I’ll let you be the judges. Oh, and for those of you who want to order one of our shirts (regular and baby tees,) you can do so right here! (Use promo code “geeksaresexy” for 10% off!)

Thanks Liz!

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