Stunning Captain Scarlett (Borderlands 2) Cosplay [Pics]

Cosplayer Tarah-Rex sent me those pics featuring herself costumed as Captain Scarlett from Borderlands 2 earlier this week, and since today is Talk like a Pirate day, I thought this was just the perfect day to post these! Photos by Shaylene Herbert. I recently completed and wore my Captain Scarlett Cosplay to Dragon*Con and I’m […]

Handmade Batman Scalemaille Suit of Armor [Picture]

Anyone got an extra 10 grand lying around? This armored Batsuit was originally made for fan-made web series called “Legends: The Dark Knight,” and according to the description: “This scalemaille armor is handmade and takes approximately 350 hours to complete. The suit contains nearly 27,000 stainless steel rings, 3,000 small anodized aluminum scales, 4,500 anodized aluminum large scales […]

“Dear Fake Geek Guys, Please Go Away!” – A Satirical Report by Cosplayer Jennifer Landa [Video]

“With their lack of fabric and abundance of skin, who were all these half-naked men? Were they true geeks? Or opportunists pandering for attention?” Well played, Ms. Landa. Well played. Editor’s note: I’ve been following Jennifer’s Youtube channel for a while, and even though the videos she release are often really fun and interesting, she […]

Montreal Comic Con 2013 Cosplay in Pictures – Part II [Gallery]

As mentioned earlier, I was at the Montreal edition of the Comic Con last Saturday and really had a blast meeting some of you guys. The place was packed and there was so many people cosplaying as various characters from pop culture and video games, I was totally overwhelmed by the sheer number and awesomeness […]

Montreal Comic Con 2013 Cosplay in Pictures – Part I [Gallery]

Once again this year, I was present at Montreal Comic Con to cover the event for you guys… and for my pleasure, of course! This year was the biggest year I’ve seen. There was SO MANY PEOPLE attending the event, so many, in fact, that the people organizing the con should consider moving the event […]