How *Not* To Use Headphones On the iPhone 7


A video claiming to offer a secret hack to get a headphone jack on the iPhone 7 has racked up millions of views. The clip, somewhere between a spoof and a prank, suggests a powerdrill is the answer.

The video rather meanly suggests there is in fact a hidden jack in the iPhone on the bottom edge of the handset. The trick to revealing it is said to be clamping the headset in a vice and then adding a hole at the bottom with a drill (There’s no mention of the correct drill bit size.)

The clip even purports to show music playing once headphones are inserted, though it appears to be coming from the phone speaker. Rather impressively, the phone does appear to still be working after its warranty-busting trepanning.

The tens of thousands of comments on the site appear to be a mix of people feigning outrage that the trick damaged their phone and spoof comments from people pretending it worked perfectly and suggesting that Apple changed its mind about the headphone jack somewhere between designing the internals and building the casing.