Everything Is Just PERFECT Inside This ‘Fallout: Shelter’


So Fallout: Shelter has become the new IT phone to game(sadly, only for iPhones right now), and if you haven’t played it yet, pics like this should help change that.

Yup, things are perfect alright. Depending on which of the two guys you ask, that is. Pretty sure the other guy would have a very different word to use than perfect.

[H/T Reddit, Via Imgur]


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  1. Played it for two weeks, a real time thief, at some Point it no longer is playable without spending real money. You get hit by one disaster and before you can recover the next one hit. And then every thing went down the drain. There is a Reward Success imbalance that makes it into a Pay to stay.There is method in the madness. And when Disaster Strikes the Interface becomes Sluggish so that even with my iPhone 6 I was not abel to stop the Rampaging destruction. Up to that Point it actually was fun. Creatively made but you do invest time even if you don’t invest additional money. I thought i might give it another try when thy update it and give it more of a Balance but for now My solution was to erase it. I don’t mind Paying for games, I don’t mind paying for more content or expansions. Thats a business model. But the Pay to Win, where a Simple iOS game ends up costing more than a Full Blown PC Game you hitched up the Wagon in front of the Horse.
    Great Game, Nice details, good humour, in the end lousy execution.

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