A New All-Time Low: Logging Into Facebook To Save Your Non-Facebook Game

So let me get this straight. I have to log into Facebook to save my Adventure Time IOS game, even though my Adventure Time IOS game has literally nothing to do with Facebook? Yes, this seems totally legit. Makes sense. *uninstalls whack game Not cool, not classy, gaming is getting kind of gross, especially mobile […]

Microsoft Will Finish Windows 10 in June

For those tapping your fingers together feverishly waiting for the newest OS for their PC’s, looks like Microsoft will be finishing up Windows 10 in June. While that may seem like a short time between announcement and release, they followed a very similar template with Windows 8, so it’s not like they can’t deliver on […]

Windows 10 Biggest Gaming Announcements (and Holograms!)

Microsoft had its Windows 10 press conference recently and unveiled some rather interesting features that seem to be aimed at their hardcore gaming audience. From being able to stream your Xbox Live games to your computer to the potential for holograms to make an appearance, we shouldn’t count Windows out as it seems the OS […]