Fallout Dropping Straight Knowledge

You gotta give Bethesda props sometimes. They just know how to keep it simple and to the point. Take this Fallout fact for example. Who would’ve possibly figured that out without the aid of “Fallout Facts”? Via Advertisements


New Best Internet Pic Ever: Yes Man’s Sky

So you heard the news? Players actually have ran into one another in No Man’s Sky (but they couldn’t see each other).¬†But rather than address that debacle, why don’t we take a minute to look at this No Man’s Sky mashed up with Yes Man from Fallout NV pic and realize it is stuff like […]

The Fallout 4 Conundrum

It is like existing within a paradox. Fallout 4 trumped most of the games that came out in the past year (so far), yet, it didn’t quite live up to the standards set by the last two installments (by changing the difficulty curve and conversation options, mostly). Just shows you, a game can be good […]

Fallout 4’s Secret Spy Easter Egg Is Really Easy To Miss

There is a secret guy following you and spying on you through most of Fallout 4. Don’t feel bad if you missed it, so did I. But YouTuber FluffyNinjaLlama didn’t, thank goodness. This video will explain it all, except for maybe’s why he does it. H/T: Kotaku

Original ‘Fallout’ Easter Eggs – Easter Egg Hunting [Video]

I can assure you people will be finding Easter Eggs hidden in Fallout 4 for years to come. The game is massive and gamers are only just cracking the true surface and depth of this game now, weeks after release. But what about we flash back to the original Fallout to see some eggs STILL […]

Fallout 4 Fans Will Understand….

Yeah, screw that guy! (Imgur)

Fallout 4: 7 Places Where Fallout 4 is Freakier Than You Thought

One thing you have to give Bethesda credit for, when they go for creepy, they tend to hit it out of the park (you fans remember the serial killer simulation?).¬†Fallout 4 was no exception. Here are some creepy places from Fallout 4 that may be a bit freakier than you first assumed. Being from New […]

Fallout: Well Sir, Good Aiming, I Do Say!

When the guy who’s head you just blew off from long range gives you the thumbs up, you KNOW you did a good job. Man, will Fallout death poses ever get old? No, no they wont. (Imgur)