The Best ‘Mortal Kombat’ Meme You Will Ever See


You know how sometimes you see memes and can just tell the people making them had no idea what they were doing? Then, sometimes you see memes and realize they are perfect? Well, this is that second one. I would like to call it the “Seductive Scorpion” Mortal Kombat Meme, but I did not make it and do not have such power.

Seriously, though, revel in its awesomeness.

(Via Imgur)

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  1. hello! I’m the original photographer of this photo. I had orginally posted this to tumblr clean with no texts. It kinda blew up from there and since the text got added it got even bigger. Although I’m afraid I don’t know who orginally put the text. The original post was here on my blog. And the cosplayer is Rudy Pineda Thank you so much were both very happy with everyons positive responses to our photos!

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