The Amazing New LG 21:9 Curved UltraWide Monitor (Sponsored)

When it comes to PC’s, you are either part of the master race or are being left behind in a cloud of dust. While some gamers and web users plop down in front of a 14 inch laptop screen or some archaic, bulky monitor, the realest fans are getting rigs and set ups that make […]


The Best ‘Mortal Kombat’ Meme You Will Ever See

You know how sometimes you see memes and can just tell the people making them had no idea what they were doing? Then, sometimes you see memes and realize they are perfect? Well, this is that second one. I would like to call it the “Seductive Scorpion” Mortal Kombat Meme, but I did not make […]

Hackerman From ‘Kung Fury’ Releases Tutorial On How To Hack Time

If you saw the wonderful, brilliant, hilarious movie we posted last week, Kung Fury, then you certainly remember the character of Hackerman. His computer skills were all but unrivaled, and without him on the team, they would not have been able to achieve the time traveling which was an essential element to their journey. But […]

Russian Stuntman Sets Self on Fire and Jumps Off Building With P.O.V Camera

What happens when a Russian Stuntman decided to set himself on fire and leap off a building with a P.O.V camera attached to him? You get to feel what it would be like to jump from a tall building while on fire. Not a sensation I am sure you ever wanted, but congrats, as you […]

Pixel Dancers Mesmerize Merging Technology With Dance

Rather than sit here and tell you the Pixel dancers (Pixel being the name of the troupe) will astound you with their seamless blending of dance with mind blowing hologram technology, I think it best if you just sit back and watch it yourself. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than these moving […]

New Prometheus Audio Clip Is Just Creepy

As if the featurettes, trailers and photos were not enough, Twentieth Century Fox is now getting you riled up about Prometheus (opening June 8th) with some audio.  This morning, an audio puzzle was apparently released by the studio.  The clip was played in reverse, but it didn’t take long for the audio to hit You Tube […]

Levi Strauss hits the viral jackpot on YouTube

By Mark O’Neill Levi Strauss are celebrating getting onto YouTube’s coveted “most viewed” spot with their “back-flipping jeans” video clip. Since Monday, it has clocked up 1.4 million views and no doubt it isn’t doing any harm to the Levi Strauss sales targets either. The company insists that no trickery was performed. The people in the clip […]