12 Inches of Magic: New Retro Deadpool Secret Wars Toy Revealed


For me, Deadpool owns the Marvel universe. Honestly, just my opinion. He was one of Marvel’s first real comics that stopped pandering and was aimed at adults. Funny, violent, and self-aware, he was the comic book ‘hero’ we may not have NEEDED, but we definitely wanted. Good news, Deadpool fans. There is a new Deadpool action figure that is awesome and looks like it is from the 80’s.

The bad news, it is a SDCC exclusive.

If you don’t know what that means, it essentially means your chances of getting one hover at about 6%. Good luck with that. But check it out more here and feel free to drool and then make fun of yourself for it with the voices in your head.¬†Only Deadpool fans will get that last comment, and both he and I are okay with this.

[H/T, image, ToplessRobot]

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