Comic Book Origins: Baroness Origins (GI-Joe)


Growing up, I was obsessed with GI-Joe, and it’s pretty safe to say that Baroness was my first fictional nerd crush (first of very many, sadly). Yes, I knew she was bad, but that made her extra hot to me. I dunno, I was a messed up kid I guess. But I know I wasn’t alone […]

Dear Netflix: PLEASE Give Punisher His Own Show


Let’s all be honest for a second: the first season of Netflix’s Daredevil TV show was pretty darn good. Great action scenes and a city filled with palpable tension made for a great sped up origin story, but stuff didn’t really get popping until the end of the season. But season two of the show […]

Marvel Comics: Colossus Becomes Juggernaut Explained


Yes, this is a thing. What happens when you mix Colossus with Juggernaut from the Marvel comics universe? I will give you a hint: you don’t want to make it mad. [ComicsExplained]

Deadpool and Rocket Raccoon – Epic Team Ups


We all know Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy was an awesome, crass, kick-ass character. We also know Deadpool from, well, Deadpool is a awesome, crass, kick-ass character. So what do you think happens when these two characters team up? I will give you a hint: A lot of people die. And it’s awesome. […]

Batman’s Date With Harley Quinn


Yeah, I wasn’t aware this happened either, but considering Suicide Squad is coming soon and we will spending more time with Harley Quinn, thought it might be interesting to find out about the date Batman went on with her. Like I said, I had no idea, either. But who can blame Batman? She is a […]

The Story of All New, All Different Deadpool


With the Deadpool movie about to drop and blow everyone’s minds, we thought it might be a nice time to have Comicstorian catch you up on the all new, all different Deadpool. What is the all new, all different Deadpool? Well, He’s doesn’t look like chewed hamburger with his mask off for one, and two, WAIT! […]

Marvel Comic’s Gwenpool – Origins (Howard the Duck)


Yes, right now in the Marvel Universe there is a new character called Gwenpool. Any true comic fan should know what two Marvel names that is together in one. Yes, Gwen Stacy and Deadpool. She is insane and charming and kind of the anti-Deadpool while still having ‘Pool qualities. Ah, Comicstorian can it explain it […]

Secret Wars Part 1 “The End” – InComplete Story


For those not in the know of current comics, the most recent Secret Wars have changed everything in Marvel comics. Yes, changed up pretty much everything you know, and to be out of this loop will mean being out of this loop when the Marvel movies finally catch up, so rather than have you out […]

The Alternate Versions Of The Joker!


There is no greater villain in all of fiction than the Joker. And for those of who you are foolish enough to think there is “one” Joker, this list is for you. Enlighten yourself! [VariantComics]

‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Promises Both Punisher and Elektra Will Have Costumes


People were kind of pissed that Daredevil didn’t wear his costume until the end of season one, and even then, a lot of fans were let down with the way the suit looked. So what should we expect from new characters Elektra and Punisher next season? Good news, from and Daredevil Co-Executive Producer Marco […]

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About 1989 Batman


We all love to talk about Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy, but how about some props to Tim Burton’s first Batman flick in 1989? We all loved it and had never seen Batman that cool before. Granted, he didn’t stay that cool, but Nolan brought him back, thankfully. Still, there’s a great deal most of the […]

NBC Making “The Office” Type Show With DC Superheroes


So in the weirdest bit of nerd news in a long time, it seems NBC is going to be working on a DC comics show that is very much set up like the recent reality-fake- comedy show, The Office. NBC has ordered a comedy pilot set in the DC Comics universe “full of superheroes, villains […]